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In Wonderland you can find two drinks on the table in the Bizzare Room. These will help you grow bigger or shrink smaller as needed. But what about doing so in the Lotus Forest?

lotus forest flower potion grow bigger kingdom hearts

Well to grow bigger you only need to find the yellow flower plant. Give this plant a potion and it will make you bigger. To do so just add a potion into your quick-select menu, then choose the flower as the target.

lotus forest yellow flower growing bigger sora

Now the only major benefit of growing larger is to jump on wood stumps and lily pads. You can open new paths by stomping down various items in the terrain. However you can’t leave the Lotus Forest until after you shrink back down to regular size.

To do this you want to get real close to the larger tree limb. Sora will auto-focus on the tree trunk but that’s not what we need. Actually you want to move closer until Sora focuses on a red berry located within the tree’s branch.

big sora shrink lotus forest tree berry screenshot

Once you have focus the “Examine” command will appear. You have to examine the fruit before it will let you knock it out of the tree. But then once you knock it down onto the ground the new command will read “Eat”. Consume this beautiful fruit and Sora will be resized down to normal.

You can repeat these steps as many times as you want by leaving/re-entering the forest.

sora fruit lotus forest shrink mini kingdom hearts