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There are many different Magic Spells to collect in Kingdom Hearts II, and each has their own upgrades that make your magic even stronger. It can be difficult to find them all, so follow the steps below to make sure you get all of them!

Fire Magic


KH2 - 1st Fire Element in Hollow Bastion

Sora first obtains Fire Magic after completing the battle against the Nobodies at the “Bailey” during the first visit to Hollow Bastion. All you have to do to obtain the spell is complete the battle sequence, which is triggered automatically when you enter the “Bailey”.


KH2 - Clearing The Pride Lands

KH2 - Fire Element

The 2nd Fire Element is obtained after clearing the first visit to the Pride Lands. Sora and friends defeat the evil Scar, and after the cutscene that ends the first visit, Sora will obtain his first Fire upgrade, boosting his Fire Magic to Fira.


KH2 - 3rd Fire Element in Agrabah

The last Fire Element is obtained after Sora defeats Jafar during the second visit to Agrabah. Sora battles Jafar one-on-one while riding on the Magic Carpet, and when he wins, his Fire Magic is upgraded all the way to Firaga.

Blizzard Magic


KH2 - 1st Blizzard Element in Hollow Bastion

KH2 - Blizzard Element

The first Blizzard Element is obtained automatically during a cutscene with Merlin on Sora’s first trip to Hollow Bastion. The gang reunited with Leon and the others, and at the end of the cutscene, Merlin asks Sora about his Magic skills. He teaches Sora some Blizzard Magic to start him off.


KH2 - 2nd Blizzard Element in Hollow Bastion

Sora obtains the next Blizzard Element during his second visit to Hollow Bastion. The group encounters Demyx, one of the members of Organization XIII, and when they defeat him, one of the rewards is the 2nd Blizzard Element. This upgrades Sora’s Blizzard Magic to Blizzara.


KH2 - 3rd Fire Element in Agrabah

KH2 - Blizzard Element

Clearing all five parts of Atlantica earns Sora his final Blizzard Element. An automatic cutscene plays after completing the “A New Day is Dawning” Chapter, and when it ends, the last Blizzard Element is yours. Sora’s Blizzard Magic is upgraded fully to Blizzaga at this point in the game.

Thunder Magic


KH2 - 1st Thunder Element in Olympus Coliseum

The first Thunder Element is your reward for defeating the Hydra during the first visit to Olympus Coliseum. Defeating this boss takes a lot of skill, but when you do, Sora learns his first bit of Thunder Magic.


KH2 - 2nd Thunder Element in Land of Dragons

The Land of Dragons is where you’ll find the second Thunder Element. Defeating the Storm Rider at the end of this visit gives you the next Thunder Element, boosting Sora’s Thunder Magic to Thunara.


KH2 - 3rd Fire Element in Pride Lands

Defeating the Groundshaker during the second trip to the Pride Lands earns you the last Thunder Element. This will increase Sora’s Thunder Magic to Thundaga.

Cure Magic


KH2 - Clearing Beast's Castle

KH2 - Cure Element

After defeating the Shadow Stalker and then the Dark Thorn during the first visit to Beast’s Castle, Sora obtains his first Cure Element, which teaches him the all-important Cure Magic.


KH2 - Goofy in Hollow Bastion

KH2 - Cure Element

During the second trip to Hollow Bastion, Sora and company battle Demyx, a member of the Organization. After the fight, Goofy gets injured and leaves the party for a while. Continue down the mountainside with the help of Leon and the gang until you reach the “Crystal Fissure”. Goofy will catch up with you and Sora will obtain the next Cure Element, upgrading his Cure Magic to Cura.


KH2 - Clearing 100 Acre Wood

KH2 - Cure Element

After finding all of the Torn Pages scattered throughout the different worlds, you can return to Hollow Bastion and enter the 100 Acre Wood. Completing all of the different events on each of the pages will earn you the last Cure Element, which gives Sora the all-powerful Curaga spell.

Magnet Magic


KH2 - 1st Magnet Element in Halloween Town

KH2 - Magnet Element

Sora obtains the first Magnet Element for clearing the first trip to Halloween Town. After defeating Oogie Boogie in Santa’s Workshop, a cutscene plays that ends the first visit to Halloween Town, and at the end of the cutscene, you’ll receive the Magnet Element just before returning to the World Map.


KH2 - 2nd Thunder Element in Port Royal

Defeating the Grim Reaper for the 2nd time during the 2nd visit to Port Royal earns you the next Magnet Element. This upgrades Sora’s Magnet Magic to Magenera.


KH2 - 3rd Magnet Element in The World That Never Was

After the battle with Xigbar in The World That Never Was, Sora obtains the last Magnet Element, boosting his Magnet Magic all the way up to Magnega.

Refelect Magic


KH2 - 1st Reflect Element in Timeless River

Beating Pete in the Timeless River earns Sora his first Reflect Element. After completing all the previous events in Timeless River, head to the “Waterway” to take on Pete. Retrieve the Cornerstone of Light at the end of this battle, then follow Pete back to the “Wharf”. Defeat him here to collect the Reflect Element.


KH2 - 2nd Reflect Element in Beast's Castle

During the second visit to Beast’s Castle, Sora and friends battle Xaldin, a member of Organization XIII. Upon defeating him, you’ll earn the next Reflect Element, boosting Sora’s Reflect Magic up to Reflera


KH2 - 3rd Reflect Element in Space Paranoids

The battle with the MCP during the second visit to Space Paranoids will reward you with the final Reflect Element. This will upgrade Sora’s Reflect Magic fully to Reflega.