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There are 3 ways in Kingdom Hearts II to get a Mega-Ether. They are detailed below:

Treasure Chests

There are 2 Treasure Chests in Kingdom Hearts II that contain a Mega-Ether.

KH2 - Treasure Chest in Agrabah

This Treasure Chest in the “Agrabah” room in Agrabah contains a Mega-Ether.

KH2 - Treasure Chest in Pride Lands

This Treasure Chest at “Pride Rock” in the Pride Lands contains a Mega-Ether.


You can also Synthesize a Mega-Ether at any Moogle Shop.

KH2 - Treasure Chest in Beast's Castle

First you need to acquire the Mega Recipe, which can be found in this Treasure Chest in “Beast’s Room” at Beast’s Castle.

KH2 - Mega-Ether Synthesis

Next, you’ll need to synthesize a Mega-Potion. Then you’ll need to synthesize another Mega-Potion, but add a Serenity Stone to the recipe this time to upgrade the Mega-Potion to a Mega-Ether.


You can also find Mega-Ethers from enemies. Certain enemies will drop one when they are defeated.

KH2 - Sora battling Crimson Jazz in Beast's Castle

The Crimson Jazz has a 5% chance of dropping a Mega-Ether. Crimson Jazz can be found in Hollow Bastion, Beast’s Castle, Olympus Coliseum, and Agrabah.