Data Sora visits many worlds during his journey inside the Journal’s data. The worlds he visits and repairs are holographic, data-based projections of places that the Journal remembers from the real Sora’s first adventure.

Destiny Islands

Destiny Islands is where the real Sora’s adventure first began, and it also the starting point for Data Sora’s journey through the Journal’s data. The world has been overrun by Blox created by the Bugs that have corrupted the Journal. Data Sora must find a way into the heart of the data to fix it.

Traverse Town

After clearing the Destiny Islands data, Data Sora is brought to Traverse Town, where he must defeat the Heartless and the Bugs in order to rid the world of the Blox and restore the data to the way it should be.


In Wonderland, Data Sora must help Alice regain her memory in order to determine the location of the Keyhole. Within that Keyhole is the source of the Bugs corrupting the data for this world.

Olympus Coliseum

Olympus Coliseum has been transformed into one doozy of a maze. Data Sora joins forces with Hercules and Cloud in an effort to make his way far enough into the maze to locate the source of the data corruption and put an end to it.


Agrabah’s data has also been corrupted by the Bugs. It seems that Pete and Maleficent are causing even more trouble, and falls on Data Sora to deal with them. The only problem is, how can he hope to fight off the Heartless and the Bugs when Maleficent shatters his Keyblade!?

Hollow Bastion

Donald and Goofy fight alongside Data Sora in this world in an effort to rescue Riku from the clutches of Maleficent. When they make their way deep into the castle, they discover that Riku’s data has been corrupted, and Data Sora ventures deep into the data to set Riku straight.

Castle Oblivion

Upon repairing the Journal’s data, Data Sora’s memories are wiped clean. But when Riku contacts King Mickey from within the Journal, Mickey re-enters the Data World to accompany Data Sora to a strange new world found within the Journal’s memories – a world that will lead to the answers behind the mysterious message written within the Journal’s pages.