Almost 100 years before the events of KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep, in a world called Daybreak Town, the Master of Masters sat in his study writing the Book of Prophecies. He was able to see into the future by means of mysterious eye emblazoned on a Keyblade that he entrusted to his apprentice Luxu. The further into the future that Keyblade was passed down, the further into the future the Master could see, and he recored all of the events to come in the Book.

Unfortunately, not all of the events to come were for the better. The Master foresaw a great catastrophe he described as the Keyblade War, an impending battle that would result in the destruction of everything they all knew. The World would end, and darkness would flourish.

And so, the Master appointed each of his followers with a copy of the Book of Prophecies, and assigned a specific, secret role to each of them. First and foremost was the role he assigned to the Foreteller Ira: to take his place and guide the other Foretellers should the master ever disappear.

And disappear he did, leaving Ira in charge. Things progressed as professed in the Book, until one day, when Ira discovers a Dark Chirithy, indicating that one of them has succumbed to darkness. Fearing that this might be the catalyst that leads to the Keyblade War the Master spoke of, Ira submits the accusation that there is a traitor among them, sewing seeds of doubt among the other Foretellers.

Tensions rise and alliances are forged and broken. The Foretellers begin to clash with one another, and battles ensue. They are each left with a choice to make: continue to follow their absent Master’s orders, or do what they feel in their hearts is best to protect the World.

Inevitably, despite the Foretellers’ planning and best effort, the Keyblade War does indeed come, and the World is destroyed all the same. Fortunately, Foreteller Ava had been gathering together Keyblade wielders that she felt possessed the proper strength of heart to rebuild the World in the wake of the Keyblade War. When others flocked to fight for the power of Kingdom Hearts, these Dandelions, as they were called, left for the outside World and waited for the conflict to end.

Meanwhile, the Master’s foremost apprentice, Luxu, was tasked with another role. In addition to carrying the Master’s Keyblade through time and passing it down, he was asked to bring the contents of a mysterious box to a very specific person. Who that person is, as well as the contents of the box itself, remain to be seen in KINGDOM HEARTS III.