Newly awakened, Sora and his friends embark on a journey to find their friends while battling the Heartless, Nobodies, and the newly revealed Organization XIII. On this journey, they travel to many worlds, both old and new, meeting and reuniting with many friends.

Twilight Town

Twilight Town is a mysterious place with a lot of strange things happening to it. It is here where Sora, Donald, and Goofy wake from their sleep and begin their new journey to find Riku and King Mickey. The also learn of the mysterious Organization XIII, a new enemy whom they may have to face sooner or later.

Hollow Bastion

Hollow Bastion has undergone some major changes since the last time Sora and the gang visited. It’s now under the supervision of Leon and the gang, who are working to restore Hollow Bastion to its former glory – a bustling town known as Radiant Garden. During their second visit, Sora must help his friends survive a wide-scale invasion of Heartless.

100 Acre Wood

The 100 Acre Wood is once again in a lot of trouble. It seems that Pooh cannot remember Sora at all, and what’s more, many pages from the storybook have been stolen by the Heartless. Sora must work to find the missing pages of Pooh’s storybook and restore Pooh’s memories.

Land of Dragons

Land of Dragons is home to Mulan and Mushu, who are seeking to enlist in the battle against the Huns for the sake of Mulan’s family honor. Sora and the gang tag along in case anything bad happens. On their second visit Sora joins Mulan in her hunt for a mysterious man in a black coat lurking in the mountains.

Beast’s Castle

Beast’s Castle is home to friends both old and new, though something strange seems to be happening. A member of Organization XIII is using the Beast’s anger to control him. During their second visit, Sora joined forces with the Beast to deal with Xaldin once and for all.

Olympus Coliseum

Olympus Coliseum has changed a lot since Sora, Donald, and Goofy last came around. They land in the strange new Underworld, where Hades and his minions plot against Hercules. The coliseum still boasts a large amount of tournaments to test Sora’s strength.

Disney Castle

Disney Castle is home to Donald, Goofy, and the King, though currently it is being overrun by Heartless as Maleficent attempts to claim the castle for her own. Merlin conjured up a magic door leading to a special world where Sora and friends could undo the damage done to Disney Castle.

Timeless River

Timeless River is a bizarre little world that Sora and his friends were able to access through a special door conjured by Merlin. It is apparently a world existing in the past, before Disney Castle became what it is in the present. The gang must be very careful to fix the past without changing the present.

Port Royal

Port Royal is a rather unique world, given that it is almost entirely made up of ocean. It is a land where pirates and curses rule the land and there’s always treasure to be found. Sora and the gang join up with Captain Jack Sparrow on a hunt for cursed treasure, and to defeat the evil Captain Barbossa.


Atlantica is one of the few worlds that seems to be unaffected by the Heartless, though it still has its fair share of problems. The whole kingdom has a musical celebration to start planning and rehearsing and their star performer, Ariel, has her mind on other things – mainly, the surface world.


Agrabah has changed a lot since the last time Sora and his friends were in town. Iago has escaped the prison that Sora trapped him and Jafar in the last time, and now he has seemingly turned over a new leaf. However, the threat of Jafar’s return still lurks in the shadows.

Halloween Town

Halloween Town is undergoing a change in scenery. Jack Skellington has discovered a place called Christmas Town, which has inspired him and rest of the citizens of Halloween Town to do Christmas their own way this year. There’s just one problem: Oogie Boogie is out to ruin Jack’s plans, so it’s up to Sora and the gang to lend a hand.

Pride Lands

A once mighty kingdom that has fallen to ruin, the Pride Lands is home to Simba, though lately, the world has fallen under the rule of Scar and the Hyenas. With a little incentive, Sora and his friends talk Simba into taking his kingdom back with their help.

Space Paranoids

Space Paranoids is a world inside the computer of Ansem the Wise. Inside, a program named Tron has been imprisoned by the MCP and his cohort, Sark. They seek to control the entire system, and therefore, the entire town of Hollow Bastion. Sora and friends must help Tron overthrow this evil program before it’s too late.

The World That Never Was

The World That Never Was is home to Organization XIII, and functions as their stronghold. It is a world that exists between the light and the darkness, and acts as a portal to the heart of all worlds, Kingdom Hearts.