Dream Eaters come in two forms: vicious Nightmares and playful Spirits. The Spirits act as allies to Sora and Riku along their journey through the Sleeping Worlds. For every Nightmare they come across (with the exception of the more powerful Bosses), there is a Spirit counterpart waiting to be collected. There are 51 Spirits in all to obtain and raise.

Raising Your Spirits

Spirits can be obtained by collecting Dream Pieces and synthesizing them together. Each Spirit has it’s own Recipe that provides a list of materials guaranteed to create the desired Spirit, but there are also other combinations of Dream Pieces that will create Spirits as well.

There are three attributes that can be raised regularly by petting your Spirits and playing games with them: Affinity, EXP, and LP. Affinity marks how much your Spirits like you, and the more they like you, the more powerful they become. EXP raises a Spirits Level, increasing their basic stats. Finally, LP (short of Link Points) can be spent on a Spirit’s Ability Board to purchase new Abilities, Commands, and Stat Increases for Sora and Riku.

Furthermore, each Spirit has four unique moods, called Dispositions, which determines how they behave in battle. These Dispositions are directly linked to one of four different attributes: Attack, Defense, Magic, and Magic Defense. Raising these attributes through feeding your Spirits will cause them to change Dispositions, which can sometimes unlock extra panels on that Spirit’s Ability Board.

Spirit Bestiary

Each Spirit’s stats and specifications are completely detailed in the following pages. You can use the links below to help you find the Spirits you are looking for quickly and with ease.