Link Styles allow you to absorb your Spirits’ energy and power up your attacks. You can also press the Spirit icon between your two Spirits when both of their Link Gauges are full to enter an even more powerful Dual Style, which draws energy from both of your Spirits to boost your attack power even further!

Link Styles

When Riku links with one of his Spirits, he absorbs its energy and uses it to amplify his own attacks. Link Styles are also triggered by the Spirit’s Attribute, and therefore, many different Spirits will trigger the same Link Style. The complete list of Link Styles is provided below.

Shining Hammer

Description: Cut a wide swath in front of you, then strike the ground to create a shockwave of light.
Attribute Required: Physical, Light

Fire Raid

Description: Imbue your Keyblade with fire and hurl it at enemies.
Attribute Required: Fire


Description: Imbue your Keyblade with water and assail foes with a series of spin attacks.
Attribute Required: Water


Description: Imbue your Keyblade with lightning and punish foes with a flurry of attacks.
Attribute Required: Thunder

Darkest Fears

Description: Grow dark claws and terrorize foes.
Attribute Required: Dark

Dual Styles

Linking with both of your Spirits at the same time allows Riku to enter even more powerful Dual Styles. Like Sora’s Dual Links, Dual Styles are triggered by specific combinations of Spirit Attributes. The complete list of Dual Styles is provided below.


Description: Wield a giant Keyblade of light and strike down many enemies at once.
Attribute Combinations:
Physical + Physical
Physical + Fire
Physical + Dark
Fire + Fire
Fire + Thunder
Water + Thunder
Light + Light
Light + Fire
Light + Dark

Rising Wing

Description: Imbue your Keyblade with wind and strike a wide area with a powerful gale.
Attribute Combinations:
Physical + Water
Fire + Water
Water + Water
Water + Dark
Light + Water

Ghost Drive

Description: Imbue your Keyblade with darkness and blindside foes with a flurry of warp attacks.
Attribute Combinations:
Physical + Thunder
Fire + Dark
Thunder + Thunder
Thunder + Dark
Dark + Dark
Light + Thunder