There are three Secret Bosses in KINGDOM HEARTS Final Mix. The first hides in the sands of the Agrabah Desert. Talk to the Magic Carpet in Aladdin’s House and he’ll take you right to him.

Boss: Kurt Zisa

HP: 1500 / EXP: 20,000

In the heart of the Agrabah Desert, this ancient mechanized Heartless waits to slice and dice anything that comes its way. Before leaving for this battle, be sure to have your Item Menu filled with Elixirs, as you’ll need all the MP you can get. Be sure to have Firaga, Curaga, and Aeroga in your Magic Shortcut Menu, and be sure to have the Ragnarok ability equipped, as well as Second Chance. You’re going to want to have as much MP as you can, so equip Accessories that drastically boost Sora’s MP like the Atlas Armlet.

Kurt Zisa starts the battle by immediately casting a spell that takes away your ability to use Magic. Start by instantly equipping Aeroga to Sora before the spell kicks in and leaves you Magic-less. The Kurt Zisa’s arms are your first targets, as taking them out will prevent it from using its enormous scimitar blades to deal damage. Watch out for instances in which the Kurt Zisa winds back its arms, because this means it’s about to attack. A quick Dodge Roll will help you avoid damage and get right back in to the fight.

Once its hands are taken care of, the creature falls to the ground, exposing its head, which is your real target. Unleash a Ragnarok attack to deal quick, significant damage before Kurt Zisa moves to the next phase of the fight.

Kurt Zisa will rise up again after a while, summoning a large barrier around him. This barrier makes it impervious to damage until you take it down, and the only way to do that is to pelt it will magical attacks. This is where your Firaga spell comes in mighty handy. Firaga is a relatively MP-cheap spell that lets you rack up lots of hits against the shield. Don’t rely too much on Elixirs at this point to get MP back, as you can always collect the MP Orbs dropped by the shield when it’s hit with physical attacks. Aeroga is another good way to take down the shield. Just Glide right into it, and Aeroga will deal small amounts of damage a little bit at a time.

While Kurt Zisa is sitting in its barrier, it’s not just going to sit still and take hits. It’ll keep moving and try to ward you off with one of two attacks. It’ll either summon small balls of fire that scatter around, or it will summon a wall of tornadoes to surround Sora and close in on him. Both attacks can easily be avoided with a Dodge Roll or two.

When the barrier finally falls, Kurt Zisa falls with it, allowing you to let out another Ragnarok to take a chunk of its HP down. If Aeroga has worn off, be sure to recast it, as the pattern will repeat itself, including that annoying spell that takes away your Magic. This pattern repeats itself indefinitely until Kurt Zisa’s HP is reduced to zero. The only thing to really watch out for is its powerful spinning attack that takes away huge chunks of Sora’s HP in a single pass. Dodge Roll doesn’t do much to avoid the attack, but try your best to get out of the way, and use Elixirs when Sora’s HP gets in the red zone. Surviving this attack is key to continuing the fight.

Victory Reward: Zantetsuken Ability for Sora, Ansem’s Report 11

The second Secret Boss haunts the Neverland clock tower. With Peter Pan in your Party, speak to Tinker Bell in the Cabin, and she’ll escort you to the clock tower.

Boss: Phantom

HP: 1200 / EXP: 9999

The Phantom waits at the Neverland Clock Tower. Make sure you have Peter Pan and Goofy in your party, and fill up your Item Menu with Ethers and Mega-Ethers. Your Magic Shortcut Menu should include Stopra, Curaga, and Aeroga. Be sure to have the Second Chance ability equipped. You’re going to need lots of MP for this fight, so be sure that Goofy has his MP Gift Ability equipped and be sure to equip accessories that raise Sora’s Max MP.

The Phantom begins the battle by cursing the clock tower, which will cause the hands of the clock to start to move. You’ll notice that one of your fellow party members now has a counter over his head that is slowly counting down. You’ll need to use Stopra on the clock hand to freeze the clock and the counter. Be sure to keep an eye on the clock tower at all times throughout the fight. The Stopra spell only lasts so long, and when it wears off, both the clock hands and the counter will start to count down again. Keep casting Stopra periodically to keep the clock hand and the counter from reaching zero. If the counter above your fellow party members reaches zero, they will be permanently removed from the fight.

Other than that, the Phantom is actually relatively easy. The orb below its robe changes colors to indicate its current weakness. White means physical attacks will hurt it, red means Firaga magic works best, blue indicates Blizzaga magic, and Yellow is for Thundaga magic. The orb will change colors frequently, and while it is a certain color, all other forms of damage will be useless against it. You need to use the damage that it’s weak against to deal any damage at all. When the orb disappears, the Phantom is invulnerable to damage, so don’t bother trying to hit it.

There are two attacks to look out for while fighting the Phantom. The first is a simply a series of swiping claw attacks that the Phantom will use to try to shake you off while you’re on the offensive. The second is an energy attack that follows Sora wherever he goes and saps HP from him for a short period of time. The best way to avoid damage from both of these attacks is to constantly have Aeroga equipped to Sora. Keep your MP high throughout the fight, replenishing it with Ethers or Mega-Ethers when necessary. Goofy should keep your MP going for at least a little while with MP Gift, and it is important to always make sure you have at least 2 MP to perform a Stopra spell in case the clock hands start moving again. Just repeat this pattern until the Phantom’s HP reaches zero.

Victory Reward: Stopga Magic

The final Secret Boss is located through a portal in the Castle Chapel in Hollow Bastion.  This is the hardest of the Secret Bosses available in the game, so make sure you’re a decent level before going through!

Boss: The Unknown

HP: 1500 / EXP: 12,000

Fill your Item Menu with as many Elixirs and Megalixirs as possible before going into the fight.  From the very beginning, summon Tinker Bell for her continuous healing.  This will help offset the Unknown’s relentless attacks and mitigate some of the damage you’ll most likely be taking.

It’s rather difficult to land full combos on the Unknown, as he’ll either warp out of the way, knock you back with a barrier, or simply override your attack with an assault of his own.  Very few of the Unknown’s attacks can be blocked by Guard, so rely more on your Dodge Roll and Superglide abilities to avoid damage.

The Unknown may also throw energy ball toward you that will expand massively when they hit the ground.  Dodge Roll through the oncoming shots to avoid being hit, and use this brief window to land a few hits.  Also be on the lookout for a swarm of dark orbs that the Unknown summons, as these will spread out and fire off laser shots for a brief time.

He also has a nasty trick up his sleeves where the Unknown will replace all of your Menu Commands with the Shock Command.  If you accidentally press X to trigger it, you’ll receive a shock that will take a good chunk of your HP.  The trick to getting out of it is to find the Release Command that is constantly shuffling Menu slots and press it to return your Menu Commands to normal.

Finally, the Unknown’s worst attack (though it is a fairly easy one to dodge) happens when he summons a gigantic energy ball in the center of the room.  Lasers will shoot out of it at random and make navigating the room rather difficult.  Dodge as best you can until the attack fades, then continue your hit and run strategy

Victory Reward: EXP Necklace Accessory, Ansem’s Report 13