KINGDOM HEARTS Final Mix features several unique Heartless that basically function as Mini Games when encountered.  The details for each unique Heartless are provided below.

Black Ballade

Encountered: Bamboo Thicket – Deep Jungle

Strategy: The Black Ballade clones itself into 5 copies that appear in a line.  One of them will rise up, indicating that that is the one you need to keep an eye on.  The 5 copies will then scramble all around the room and reform the line in a different order.  You must then approach the correct copy and attack it in order to get a point.  The more points, the better the prize drops will be.

1-3 Correct Hits: Lightning Stone (10%)
4 Correct Hits: Lightning Stone (100%)


Encountered: Manor Ruins – Halloween Town

Strategy: The Chimera spawns extremely rarely, making it difficult to collect large amounts of the Blazing Stones that it drops.  Attack it repeatedly to release the multi-colored orbs inside of its head.  Attack the orbs individually to knock them back into the Chimera’s body to deal large amounts of damage.

Gigas Shadow

Encountered: Bizarre Room – Wonderland

Strategy: If you ever enter the Bizarre Room from the Queen’s Castle entrance and only Shadows spawn, defeat several waves of them in a row in order to summon the Gigas Shadows.  There will always be 7 Gigas Shadows when they spawn, and the trick to getting them to drop their prizes is to defeat as many as you can without being hit by them.  If a Gigas Shadow lands a hit on you, it will disappear.  Sonic Blade or Strike Raid works very well for defeating them while keeping them at a distance.

1 Defeated: Lucid Shard (10%)
2 Defeated: Lucid Shard (20%)
3 Defeated: Lucid Shard (35%), Fury Stone (10%)
4 Defeated: Lucid Shard (50%), Fury Stone (20%)
5 Defeated: Lucid Shard (100%), Fury Stone (35%)
6 Defeated: Lucid Shard (100%), Fury Stone (50%)
7 Defeated: Lucid Shard (100%), Fury Stone x2 (100%)

Grand Ghost

Encountered: Stomach – Monstro

Strategy: The Grand Ghost takes no damage from physical or magic attacks.  Instead, heal it using Items in order to drain its HP.

Jet Balloon & Missile Diver

Encountered: Pirate Ship – Neverland

Strategy: Cast Aeroga to deflect the incoming Missile Divers that the Jet Balloon relentlessly fires at you.  Use Stopga magic to freeze the Jet Balloon and prevent it from flying away.  Attack it as much as possible until it unfreezes, then repeat the process.  When it drops its prizes, be sure to collect them before they fall down to the water, or they will be lost!


Encountered: Linked Worlds – End of the World

Strategy: Neoshadows can be fought like standard enemies.  Defeat as many as you can before they disappear, and their prize drops will change depending on how well you do.

1-6 Defeated: Small MP x15
7 Defeated: Small HP x5, Large HP x1, Stormy Stone (35%)

Pot Scorpion

Encountered: Palace Gates – Agrabah

Strategy: Upon entering the room, there will be an array of 12 pots lined up in the center of the room.  If you walk into the pots, you can nudge them along the ground slightly, meaning they are an ordinary pot and can be smashed.  If a pot doesn’t move when you try to push it, that pot is actually the Pot Scorpion in disguise.  Destroy all of the other pots first to increase your chances of getting better prize drops when you defeat the Pot Scorpion.

0-10 Pots Broken: Mythril Stone (20%)
11 Pots Broken: Mythril Shard (20%), Mythril Stone (35%)

Striking the Pot Scorpion will wake it up.  It is completely immune to damage unless it gets knocked onto its back.  To do this, Guard against its attacks at the right time, and the Pot Scorpion will be sent flying back.  That’s your chance to attack its stomach.  Watch out for the puddles of poisonous goo that it launches all over the room!


Encountered: Second District – Traverse Town

Strategy: Sneak up on the Sniperwilds without being detected and cast Stopga magic.  Defeat them completely before they unfreeze, then repeat this process with the next wave that appears.  Ever Sniperwild you can defeat without being detected increases the chances of them dropping a Power Stone by a 10%.

Stealth Soldier

Encountered: Grand Hall – Hollow Bastion

Strategy: Stealth Soldiers lunge at you from out of nowhere, and are difficult to see because they are cloaked.  If you ever see what looks like a blurry clouded mass obscuring some of the background behind it, that’s a Stealth Soldier.  Casting Stopga magic on it will freeze it in its tracks and make it visible for a short time, allowing you to attack it like any other enemy.