There are two Mini Games available in Deep Jungle.

Jungle Slider

Jungle Slider is a game in which you must collect fruits along the courses to claim prizes and unlock the next course. There are five courses in all with ten fruits in each course. The prizes for each course are listed below.

Course 1 (Green Serpent): Elixir
Course 2 (Splash Tunnel): AP Up
Course 3 (Jade Spiral): Dark Matter
Course 4 (Panic Fall): Defense Up
Course 5 (Shadow Cavern): Power Up

Vine Swinging

Vine Swinging is a Time Trial mini game that you can play simply to try and get a great record time. Watch out for snakes posing as vines, because they’ll drop you to the Hippo Lagoon below, effectively ending that run. There are several different courses to choose from, ranging from Normal to Expert. Obviously, the harder tracks will try to test you more than the easier tracks, and yes, there will be lots more snakes to trick you into falling down. You can use the Superglide ability to help you make up for lost time if you start to fall behind.