In addition to parts, you can purchase upgrades from Cid after you’ve completed your second visit to Traverse Town. These upgrades allow you to expand the assembly grid in the Gummi Menu (which lets you build bigger and better ships), change the color of your Gummi Blocks (so you can customize your ship even further), and increase the number of Gummi Blocks you can use in a single model. Each upgrade is detailed below.


Purchasing the Spray from Cid for 250 Munny will allow you to change the color of your Gummi Blocks as you place them on your ship. Before you place a block, hit the Square Button to bring up the color menu. Then use the Left Analogue Stick to cycle through available colors.


An extension of the Spray upgrade, the Palette can be purchased from Cid for 400 Munny to expand your color choices even further. You can press the Triangle Button while in the color menu to select up to 8 colors you want to include in your palette.


If you purchase the SYS. UP1 upgrade from Cid for 400 Munny, you can expand the assembly grid in the Gummi Menu. Now you can build ships in an assembly grid that’s 8 x 8 x 8 instead of 6 x 6 x 6.


The assembly grid can be expanded up to 10 x 10 x 10 if you purchase the SYS. UP2 upgrade from Cid for 750 Munny.


Cid sells the COM. LV2 upgrade for 500 Munny. This allows you to save more Gummi Ship designs in the Gummi Menu. It also lets you build blueprints that have higher Gummi Block counts, as well as increases the power of all your ships.


As you might have guessed, the COM. LV3 upgrade does everything that the COM. LV2 upgrade did, only more so. You can buy this upgrade from Cid for 1000 Munny.