The Gummi Ship is Sora, Donald, and Goofy’s primary method of travel between the many worlds. You can use the default model the game provides, or you can collect Gummi Pieces and customize your ship the way you want. Flying and building are two totally different things however, so we’ll cover each one step at time.

Piloting Your Gummi Ship

The basics of flying your ship are the same whether you stick with the default Highwind model the game provides, or if you choose to customize and build your own.

  • Your Gummi Ship’s health is indicated by the green Armor Gauge in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Run into too many obstacles or take too many hits from enemy ships, and your ship’s armor will fail, forcing you to start all over.
  • The Left Analogue Stick moves the ship around on the screen, just like when you’re controlling Sora. The Gummi Ship will fly straight forward automatically; all you have to do is steer it.
  • The Right Analogue Stick controls any Drain-Gs or Osmose-Gs you may have equipped to your ship. These Gummi Pieces allow you to scoop up nearby dropped items that are just too far out of reach. Using these types of Gummi Pieces will consume your Power (indicated by the blue gauge in the bottom-right corner of the screen).
  • Weapons are typically controlled with the X Button and Triangle Button . The X Button is for firing cannons, which are your primary method of offense. The Triangle Button will fire lasers, but only if you have taken the time to equip some to your ship. Lasers are a bit more powerful than cannons, but they require Power.
  • The Square Button can be used to active any Haste-Gs or Haste2-Gs you might have equipped to your Gummi Ship. If you have one or more of these Gummi Pieces equipped, a new orange meter will appear beside your standard Armor and Power Gauges. Pressing and holding the Square Button will cause the ship to rapidly accelerate for as long as you hold the button, or until the orange Charge meter runs out. After it’s depleted, the Charge meter will slowly refill, allowing you to boost again when the meter is full.
  • The Circle Button is used for breaking, which slows down the forward movement of your Gummi Ship. This is handy for picking up dropped items after destroying enemy ships, or for dodging obstacles and enemy attacks.
  • The L1 Button controls a Transform-G that you may have installed on your ship. This allows you to transform your ship into another model you’ve created that also uses a Transform-G. Using this will consume your ship’s Power.
  • Finally, the R1 Button can be held down to lock on to enemy ships, making your attacks more accurate.

Gummi Collectables

In addition to the flight controls, you should also be familiar with the different types of items that can be dropped when obstacles and enemies get destroyed.

  • The most common drop items are the Gummi Blocks, which resemble small white diamonds. Picking these pieces up as you travel through space will add new Gummi Blocks to your inventory, allowing you to use them in Gummi Ship building.
  • The large blue spheres with the blue and yellow cube inside it are Gummi Blueprints. Collecting these will give you instructions on how to build the enemy ship that dropped it.
  • The small green cube-shaped items are Armor Gummis, and will restore your ship’s Armor by a little bit, helping you recover from any damage you may have taken.
  • Blue spheres with yellow stars on them will replenish your Gummi Ship’s blue Power Gauge when collected. Each sphere will return one unit of Power to your ship.
  • If your ship has a Shield-G or Shield2-G equipped, collecting these yellow oval pieces will restore one more hit to your Shield Gauge. This will allow your ship to take one more hit of damage without losing any Armor.
  • The large yellow star pieces are called Special Gummis, and will act like a Megalixir of sorts. Collecting one of these pieces while flying will fully restore all of your ship’s Armor, Power, Charge, and Shields at once!