Postcards are collectable Items you can find scattered all over Traverse Town.  There are 10 in total, and once you’ve found them, you can mail them in using the mailbox in the First District.  Each Postcard mailed in earns you a reward.


  • Activate the Blue Trinity near the cafe in the First District.  It will take you to the cafe balcony, where the Postcard will be in a Treasure Chest.
  • After meeting Leon & Yuffie, examine the blue safe in the First District.
  • Use the crates (or High Jump) to reach the roof of the Accessory Shop.  The Postcard will be inside a Treasure Chest.
  • Strike the ceiling fan in the Item Shop.
  • Examine the fish bowl in Geppetto’s House.
  • Examine the poster in the Moogle Shop.
  • In the Second District, jump from the lamp post (or use the High Jump) to reach the awning of the Hat Shop.  The Postcard will be inside the Treasure Chest.
  • Use a Thunder spell to strike the exposed wires in the Third District.  Then go to the Gizmo Shop and examine the clock.  It will give you two Postcards.
  • Enter the Third District from the hatch on the roof of the Second District.  Defeat all of the enemies without falling, and examine the corner to find the Postcard.


  • 1st Postcard: Cottage
  • 2nd Postcard: Mythril Shard
  • 3rd Postcard: Mega-Potion
  • 4th Postcard: Mega-Ether
  • 5th Postcard: Mythril
  • 6th Postcard: Elixir
  • 7th Postcard: Megalixir
  • 8th Postcard: Orichalcum
  • 9th Postcard: Defense Up
  • 10th Postcard: Power Up