Secret Boss Rush

After creating a Save File with Clear Data, additional Treasure Chests become available, containing the 12 Zodiac Relics. Once you collect them all and return to The World Within, a new mirror will appear in the center of the main room.

Examining this mirror will enter you into the Secret Boss Rush, a series of consecutive battles you must clear all in one go in order to complete [kh02bbs_objective_42] and acquire the [kh02bbs_wardrobe_head_tiara] Wardrobe Piece. It is highly recommended that Aqua be level 70 at the very least, as the enemies inside the mirror are much more powerful than any you’ll encounter elsewhere in the game. Even at higher levels, the Secret Boss Rush will be grueling and difficult, to say the least.


HP: 700% | EXP: 0

KH 0.2 BbS - Secret Boss Rush - DarksideThis battle against [kh02bbs_bestiary_darkside] is exactly like the first battle against him in the [kh02bbs_fot_2]. The only major differences to note are that [kh02bbs_bestiary_darkside] can now summon [kh02bbs_bestiary_neoshadow]s and [kh02bbs_bestiary_fluttering]s in addition to the usual [kh02bbs_bestiary_shadow]s. There are also a lot more dark orbs that fall from the sky, so keep an eye on how they drain your HP.

Heartless (Wave 1)

KH 0.2 BbS - Secret Boss Rush - Heartless (Wave 1)The next stage is a battle against a massive wave of Heartless. Specifically, this battle pits you up against [kh02bbs_bestiary_flame_core]s, [kh02bbs_bestiary_water_core]s, and [kh02bbs_bestiary_earth_core]s.

The [kh02bbs_bestiary_flame_core]s will be your most immediate concern, so try to focus on them near the beginning of the battle. Make sure to keep the [kh02bbs_bestiary_earth_core]s in check though, as they can hit you and leave you stunned, which could cost you the battle. The [kh02bbs_bestiary_water_core]s will show up toward the end of the battle, so be on the lookout for them as you’re finishing up.

Heartless (Wave 2)

KH 0.2 BbS - Secret Boss Rush - Heartless (Wave 2)Another wave of Heartless awaits you after clearing the first, this time featuring [kh02bbs_bestiary_shadow]s, [kh02bbs_bestiary_fluttering]s, and [kh02bbs_bestiary_neoshadow]s. This is arguably an easier battle than the last, but the [kh02bbs_bestiary_fluttering]s and [kh02bbs_bestiary_neoshadow]s frequently attack by lunging across the room, so it’s very easy to be hit from out of nowhere. Be careful!

Demon Tower

HP: 540% | EXP: 0

KH 0.2 BbS - Secret Boss Rush - Demon TowerThis battle plays out like any other battle against the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tower] in the past, though it’s a lot more relentless and powerful than any time before. You’ll need to rely on quick Blocks and [kh02bbs_cartwheel]s to avoid taking damage, while using any opportunity it gives you to land hits of your own. Magic is especially helpful for trying to land hits while the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tower] is moving erratically.

Phantom Aqua

HP: 800% | EXP: 0

KH 0.2 BbS - Secret Boss Rush - Phantom AquaWe’re just going to come right out and say it: this fight is ridiculous! It is quite possibly even harder than the [kh02bbs_bestiary_demon_tide] on Critical Mode, and that’s while playing on Beginner Mode! [kh02bbs_bestiary_phantom_aqua]’s attacks are far more aggressive, she warps around the room way more frequently than any of your previous battles against her, and many of her attacks can’t even be blocked!

Openings to attack [kh02bbs_bestiary_phantom_aqua] are few and far between, meaning you’re going to be spending much of this battle on defense. Any of [kh02bbs_bestiary_phantom_aqua]’s attacks that give off a red glow are incapable of being blocked, so you’ll need to use the [kh02bbs_cartwheel] to evade them as best you can.

If [kh02bbs_bestiary_phantom_aqua] ever paces around (as she’s done in previous battles), DON’T engage her, as this is baiting you into taking some heavy blows that you can’t avoid! Instead, just wait her out until she goes back on the offensive.

As the battle carries on, and you whittle her HP down to about 2 bars left, [kh02bbs_bestiary_phantom_aqua] will enter Spellweaver (much like she did during your third battle against her in [kh02bbs_ww_4]). Her attacks become much more aggressive and her openings become even harder to take advantage of. Many of her onslaughts during this segment of the battle are laced with a red glow, making them impossible to block. Your best bet is to [kh02bbs_cartwheel] and hope for the best.

KH 0.2 BbS - Secret Boss Rush - Phantom Aqua

You’re best chance to deal some serious damage to her is during her Spellweaver Finish. Block the initial hits, and then use Counter Blast to strike her off-guard right as she finishes. This is your chance to land a full 2 combos before she goes back on the offensive, IF you manage to time it just right!

Victory against [kh02bbs_bestiary_phantom_aqua] earns you a Max MP +10 bonus!