To complete their mission to find Master Xehanort and battle the Unversed, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua must travel to many different worlds. Each world has its own unique inhabitants as well as its own share of problems.

Land of Departure

The Land of Departure is home to Master Eraqus and his three pupils, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. The three young wielders of the Keyblade train here in hopes of one day rising to the rank of Keyblade Master. It is here that our heroes’ stories begin.

Enchanted Dominion

Enchanted Dominion is home to the Princess Aurora, one of seven pure-hearted princesses whose hearts shine with pure light. Recently, the entire kingdom has fallen under some kind of spell that puts everyone to sleep. No doubt, the evil Maleficent is behind it.

Dwarf Woodlands

Dwarf Woodlands is home to a group of seven dwarfs who work in the diamond mines in search of treasure. But there is more trouble here than meets the eye. An evil queen has set out to poison Snow White, another one of the Princesses of Heart, out of jealousy for her beauty.

Castle of Dreams

The Castle of Dreams is home to Cinderella and her mouse friend, Jaq. They are desperately trying to get Cinderella ready for the upcoming ball, but she may need a little help. Her Fairy Godmother steps in to add a little extra magic that will ensure that her dreams come true.

Radiant Garden

A vast and ornate world, Radiant Garden is a bustling town at the base of a fortress. Ansem the Wise, the town’s elder, and his pupils watch over the town and conduct research that may one day lead to overwhelming discoveries. Our heroes’ journeys cross paths briefly on a visit to this world, but their reunion is short-lived.

Disney Town

Disney Town is a quaint little world currently undergoing their yearly Million Dreams Festival. It’s a celebration in which citizens vote for the person who they think is the most helpful and kind. That lucky individual is awarded the Million Dreams Award. Unfortunately, a ruffian named Pete is determined to win that prize, even if his methods aren’t so moral.

Olympus Coliseum

Olympus Coliseum is a world in which aspiring youths train to become heroes. Games meant to test the stamina and strength of these dreamers are often held here. All are welcome to participate if they think they have what it takes.

Deep Space

Deep Space is a massive floating spaceship currently overrun with both Unversed and escaped prisoners. Experiment 626 and his creator, Dr. Jumba, are on the loose, though 626 seems to be far less hostile than he is made out to be. The real problem is the Unversed, and there are a lot of them roaming around the ship, including a giant one who really needs to be take down to size.


Neverland is a vast world complete with Indian Camps, high mountain peaks, waterfalls … and of course, pirates. Peter Pan and his Lost Boys hunt for treasure scattered all over Neverland, but they usually run into Captain Hook, who tries to claim the treasure for himself.

Mysterious Tower

Home to Master Yen Sid, the Mysterious Tower serves as a watchtower for the former Keyblade Master to keep on eye on the state of the worlds and their inhabitants. News of the Unversed reach Master Yen Sid first, and so he alerted Master Eraqus. Master Yed Sid offers counsel to any young Keyblade warrior who comes seeking his wisdom.

Keyblade Graveyard

The Keyblade Graveyard is an ancient world that exists between the realms of Light and Darkness. It is said that a legendary Keyblade War raged here long ago. Now Master Xehanort and his cohort, Vanitas, seek to repeat history in search of the ultimate weapon – a mighty X-Blade with the power to unlock the heart of all worlds, Kingdom Hearts.