Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, like all Kingdom Hearts games before it, has plenty of Mini Games to try in addition to the main stories. Each Mini Game is detailed below.

Command Board Rumble Racing Ice Cream Beat

Fruitball Urn Smasher

Command Board

Birth by Sleep Command BoardThe Command Board is a Mini Game accessible through Save Points and the World Menu. After completing certain events in the story, you can unlock new boards on the Command Board, allowing you to collect new prizes and level up more Commands. When accessed through Save Points or the World Menu, players compete against computer opponents, but if played in the Mirage Arena, players can challenge up to two friends to the competition.

The way a game on the Command Board works is relatively simple. Players first decide on the GP Goal, which is basically the number of points you need to acquire to win the game. Players are given a certain amount of GP (Game Points) to start the game, which they can spend and collect throughout the round. Along the Command Board, there are several blank spaces with values across the bottom of them. Throughout the game, players are given cards that represent different Commands that are currently in their Inventory. Players can pay the indicated amount of GP to place Commands into the board. The longer a Command remains on the board, the more CP (Command Points) it accumulates. In addition, when other players land on Command Spaces you control, they have to pay you GP as penalty. You can level up Command Spaces you control, making them level up faster and making them worth more GP when another player lands on them.

Birth by Sleep Command BoardIn addition to being able to level up Commands you already own, you can also acquire new Commands by purchasing them during a game on the Command Board. Each board has different spaces that already have Commands set into them. If you buy them, the Command Space works just as if you placed a Command yourself, but when you finish the game, if you still control that Command Space, that new Command is added to your Inventory. There are some Commands that you need to play the Command Board to collect.

A complete list of available Command Boards is detailed below.

Keyblade Board

Unlock: Complete the Land of Departure
Common Commands: Aero, Blizzard, Confuse, Cure, Magnet, Poison Edge, Slow, Strike Raid, Zero Gravity
Rare Commands: Ragnarok (All)

Royal Board

Unlock: Complete Castle of Dreams
Common Commands: Blackout, Bind, Fire, Fire Dash, Stop, Stun Edge, Thunder, Wishing Edge
Rare Commands: Focus Barrier (Aqua), Focus Block (Terra & Ventus)

Spaceship Board

Unlock: Complete Deep Space
Common Commands: Aerora, Blackout, Firaga, Ignite, Mini, Sonic Blade, Thundaga, Thundara, Zero Graviga
Rare Commands: Ragnarok (All)

Toon Board

Unlock: Complete Disney Town
Common Commands: Bind, Binding Strike, Blizzara, Blizzard, Blizzard Edge, Confusion Strike, Cure, Deep Freeze, Freeze Raid, Stopra, Zero Gravira
Rare Commands: – – – – –

Skull Board

Unlock: Complete Neverland
Common Commands: Aerial Slam, Aero, Aerora, Binding Strike, Blitz, Firaga, Magnega, Mind Square, Poison Edge, Quick Blitz, Zero Gravira
Rare Commands: Photon Charge (All), Munny Magnet (Aqua)

Hunny Pot Board

Unlock: Meet Merlin at Radiant Garden
Common Commands: Confusion Strike, Fira, Fire Surge, Mine Square, Thundara, Zero Gravira
Rare Commands: Sacrifice (Terra), Thunder Roll (Ventus)

Secret Board

Unlock: Win at least one game on all other Boards
Common Commands: Aerial Slam, Aeroga, Aerora, Blitz, Confusion Strike, Cura, Fire Dash, Fire Surge, Magnega, Sonic Blade, Thundaga, Thunder, Thunder Surge, Zero Graviga, Zero Gravira
Rare Commands: Fission Firaga (All), Lightning Ray (All), Ragnarok (All)

Rumble Racing

Birth by Sleep Rumble RacingRumble Racing is available by talking to Chip and Dale at the Racetrack in Disney Town. The object of the game: win of course! Several opponents will also be on the track, so you’ll have to use speed, strategy, and whatever means necessary to come out on top. The basic controls are rather simple. Use the X Button to speed up, the Square Button to slow down, the Circle Button to attack other players on the track, and the Triangle Button to defend against players attacking you. There are four tracks to choose from, each with their own prizes and requirements for earning them. Each course you complete unlocks the next one in the list, both in Disney Town as well as in the Mirage Arena (for more details, visit the Mirage Arena page under the Birth by Sleep Walkthroughs). The four tracks are detailed below.

Country Chase

Prize (Top-3 Finish): Hi-Potion
Course Description: Country Chase is a rather small track with pretty simplistic challenges. Be sure to utilize the ramp near the first turn to reach the secret shortcut up in the cliff. This will drastically cut down your Lap Time and give you a lead on the other racers. Also, be on the lookout for the two Tornadoes near the final turn, and avoid them accordingly.

Disney Drive

Prize (1st Place Finish): Fire Dash
Course Description: Disney Drive is an extended version of the Country Chase track, and therefore has the same shortcuts as before, as well as the same challenges. There are several new turbo pads to hit up as you pass through the town, so be sure to take advantage of them. Again, watch out for any Tornadoes you encounter throughout the track and dodge them to avoid falling behind.

Grand Spree

Prize (1st Place Finish): Aerora
Course Description: Grand Spree is pretty much just a mirrored and slightly altered version of Disney Drive. In the Disney Drive track, you may have noticed a section all boarded off and inaccessible. Well now it’s open and available as a shortcut that will drastically help you take the lead!

Castle Circuit

Prize (1st Place Finish): Victory Line
Course Description: Castle Circuit is by far the most difficult track out all of them. If you miss certain paths, it is highly recommended that you simply start the race over and try again. If you choose to continue down the other paths, the race will take you much longer to complete and there is absolutely NO chance of victory! The key turning points that could make or brake the race for you are easy to spot. The first is a ramp underneath the arch in the garden section of the track. Make sure you go off this ramp and into the circular fenced off area directly in front of it. This will lead you to an underground Gummi Garage section of the track that is significantly shorter than the rest of the track. The second area to watch out for is down in this area. When you come to a section that looks like a fork in the road with little mechanisms that randomly push you one way or the other, it is important that you DO NOT fall off the upper rafters in the next room. If you make it across safely, you’ll continue on. If you don’t, you’ll have to go up a long a winding section of track that easily adds another two minutes to your Lap Time and pretty much guarantees you’ll lose the race!

Ice Cream Beat

Birth by Sleep Ice Cream BeatIce Cream Beat is a fun Mini Game available by talking to Huey, Dewey, and Louie at the Main Plaza in Disney Town. The goal of this Mini Game is to repeat the pattern that Huey, Dewey, and Louie clap, all while keeping in time with the beat of the song. You get points for keeping in time, as well as extra points for your highest combos and even more extra points at the end for the height of the ice cream cones when you’re done. Every now and then, you’ll reach a part in the songs when you unleash a rapid-fire round of ice cream. Use these to rack up high combos and get extra points. There are five different songs to choose from. Completing the first few songs available unlocks new ones, and each song has prizes for completing them with a certain score. In addition, beat a song on the normal difficulty unlocks that song again in Master Mode, which is a more difficult version with great rewards. The five songs are detailed below.

It’s a Small World

Master Mode Prize: Elixir
Prize after clearing Master Mode: Ether

Blast Away! -Gummi Ship II-

Master Mode Prize: Blizzara
Prize after clearing Master Mode: Ether

Dessert Paradise

Master Mode Prize: Frozen Fortune
Prize after clearing Master Mode: Hi-Potion

Destiny Islands

Master Mode Prize: Chaos Crystal
Prize after clearing Master Mode: Hi-Potion

Hand in Hand

Beginner Mode Prize: Freeze Raid
Master Mode Prize: Blizzaga
Prize after clearing Master Mode: Mega-Potion


Birth by Sleep FruitballFruitball is available by talking to Horrace at the Fruitball Court in Disney Town. It’s a pretty simple game, but it can get rather chaotic. Basically, it’s volley ball, but with large fruits that each have their own effects, and you’re trying to knock the fruits into the opponent’s goal. But you also need to defend your own goal by blocking shots made by your opponent and knocking as many fruits away as possible. Some fruits are both helpful and harmful, like the grapes and bananas. Grapes can burst apart into several smaller grapes that now each count as separate fruits, making grapes really useful when shooting on your opponent, but really dangerous when they’re fired at you. Bananas can break into peels that cause players to slip and become temporarily stunned, leaving them wide open for shots on net. Make sure you avoid the banana peels at all costs.

Birth by Sleep FruitballThere are three basic controls: the Triangle Button knocks balls up into the air for aerial shots and curves, the Square Button is for simply knocking a ball back to the other side with a Curve Shot, and the X Button is to shoot on the net. Also be on the lookout for prompts to press the Triangle Button, which you can use to knock balls that are up in the air back down on your opponent’s side and even block shots on your net. There are three games of Fruitball to be played, against three different opponents. They are detailed below.

Round 1

Opponent: Bruisers
Prize: Balloon Letter

Round 2

Opponent: Chip & Dale
Prize: Magnera

Round 3

Opponent: Captain Justice (Ventus & Aqua) / Captain Dark (Terra)
Prize: Chaos Snake

Urn Smasher

Birth by Sleep Urn SmasherUrn Smasher is a really easy Mini Game that you can play by talking to Hercules at the Vestibule in Olympus Coliseum. The goal is to simply finish with more points that Hercules. Wide area Commands work best for this challenge. The prize for your first victory is a Sonic Blade Command. Each victory after that earns you a Panacea.