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Item Commands are mostly used for replenishing HP, MP, Focus, and the D-Link Gauge, as well as triggering Command Styles. Item Commands can be purchased at Shops or found by defeating enemies or in Treasure Chests. Furthermore, each slot in the Battle Deck filled with an Item Command allows multiple copies of that Item Command within that one slot, depending on the capacity of the Item Command. Each Item Command – including a description of its function and its capacity – is detailed below, organized by the characters that can learn it.


Big Bad Pete

Description: Triggers Dark Impulse Command Style
Capacity: 3

Rockin’ Crunch

Description: Triggers Rockbreaker Command Style
Capacity: 3

Vanilla Glitz

Description: Triggers Critical Impact Command Style
Capacity: 3


Double Crunch

Description: Triggers Wingblade Command Style
Capacity: 3

Goofy Parfait

Description: Triggers Cyclone Command Style
Capacity: 3


Description: Triggers Fever Pitch Command Style
Capacity: 3


Donald Fizz

Description: Triggers Ghost Drive Command Style
Capacity: 3


Description: Triggers Spellweaver Command Style
Capacity: 3


Terra & Aqua


Description: Triggers Bladecharge Command Style
Capacity: 3


Ventus & Aqua

Milky Way

Description: Triggers Sky Climber Command Style
Capacity: 3



Balloon Letter

Description: Completely refills D-Link Gauge
Capacity: 3

Bueno Volcano

Description: Triggers Firestorm Command Style
Capacity: 3


Description: Completely restores HP and refills the Focus Gauge. Also removes any status ailments.
Capacity: 2


Description: Refills a large portion of the Focus Gauge
Capacity: 4


Description: Restores a large amount of HP
Capacity: 4


Description: Completely refills the Focus Gauge
Capacity: 3


Description: Completely restores HP
Capacity: 3


Description: Completely restores HP and refills the Focus Gauge and D-Link Gauge. Also removes any status ailments.
Capacity: 2


Description: Removes any status ailments
Capacity: 3


Description: Restores a small amount of HP
Capacity: 5

Snow Bear

Description: Triggers Diamond Dust Command Style
Capacity: 3

Spark Lemon

Description: Triggers Thunderbolt Command Style
Capacity: 3