Roxas visits many different worlds during his missions for the Organization. In each world, he tries to remain as unnoticed as possible, interacting with the locals only when absolutely necessary. Roxas simply visits each world, does what he needs to do, and gets out before being detected.

The World That Never Was

358/2 Days The World That Never WasThe World That Never Was is a world that exists in nothingness, and is also the Organization’s stronghold. Roxas first joins the Organization when Xemnas discovers him, and since then, he carries out missions for the Organization. All he has in his memories are his days as a member of Organization XIII.

Twilight Town

358/2 Days Twilight TownTwilight Town is a quaint little world where the sun is always setting. Roxas’ first few missions take place on this world while he gets the hang of working in the field. He, Axel, and Xion meet at the clock tower after every mission for ice cream while they talk about their missions and just enjoy each other’s company.


358/2 Days AgrabahAgrabah is the first world Roxas visits outside of The World That Never Was and Twilight Town. His first mission in Agrabah is to investigate this new world and report any findings he uncovers. It appears that the city of Agrabah has been recently bombarded with a series of sandstorms stirred up by a giant Heartless.

Beast’s Castle

358/2 Days Beast's CastleRoxas first visits this new world while tracking down and eliminating Heartless. He soon discovers that all of the “people” living in this world are actually commonplace items such as candle holders and clocks. What’s more, the mysterious master of the castle happens to be a hideous beast.

Olympus Coliseum

358/2 Days Olympus ColiseumOlympus Coliseum is a world that Roxas travels to as part of his missions for the Organization. He quickly discovers that the Heartless have infested a series of games in the coliseum and sets out to enter the tournaments as a means of fulfilling most of his mission objectives.

Halloween Town

358/2 Days Halloween TownRoxas visits Halloween Town for the first time to collect hearts for the Organization. He soon discovers that the inhabitants of this world like to scare people, though it’s supposedly all in fun. Little does Roxas know that his actions are also inspiring Jack Skellington’s plans for this year’s Halloween.


358/2 Days WonderlandWonderland is a bizarre world where things aren’t always as they seem. Roxas first visits this strange place on a heart collection mission, though he soon realizes that navigating this world takes a little more patience than most, as it is positively littered with complex mazes.


358/2 Days NeverlandNeverland is a vast world mostly filled with ocean. It is also home to Captain Hook and his first mate, Smee, who are both desperately searching for buried treasure. Little do they realize that their lust for gold is constantly attracting all kinds of Heartless, which usually become Roxas’ responsibility.