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Items are among the many different things that can be synthesized by the Moogles. The name of each available item for synthesis, its cost, and its required ingredients is provided below.


Cost: 800 Munny
Ingredients: Potion (x2)


Cost: 1500 Munny
Ingredients: Hi-Potion (x2)


Cost: 1200 Munny
Ingredients: Ether (x2)


Cost: 1800 Munny
Ingredients: Hi-Ether (x2)


Cost: 1600 Munny
Ingredients: Elixir Recipe, Hi-Potion, Hi-Ether, Shining Shard


Cost: 2500 Munny
Ingredients: Megalixir Recipe, Mega-Potion, Mega-Ether, Shining Crystal

Limit Recharge

Cost: 2000 Munny
Ingredients: Moonstone, Shining Shard, Blazing Shard

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