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Moogle Shop Freebies work a little differently than other synthesis categories. Moogle Shop Freebies are redeemable prizes that you can acquire by collecting Mission Crowns and Challenge Sigils. Mission Crowns are rewarded for completing missions in Mission Mode. Challenge Sigils are awarded by completing Challenge Missions in Story Mode. For details about acquiring Mission Crowns and Challenge Sigils, refer to the Challenge Mode and Mission Mode pages under the 358/2 Days drop-down menu.

Sigil Freebies

Crown Freebies

Freebie Sigils Freebie Crowns
Slot Releaser 5 Slot Releaser 1
Haste 10 Valor Gear + 2
Casual Gear 15 Potion (x10) 5
Fire (x3) 20 Ether (x10) 8
Cure (x3) 20 Lift Gear + 10
Slot Releaser 30 Blizzard (x3) 15
Thunder (x3) 35 Slot Releaser 20
Wild Gear + 40 Aero (x3) 25
Fira (x2) 45 Panacea (x10) 30
Slot Releaser 50 Cura (x2) 35
Thundara (x2) 60 Blizzara (x2) 40
Phantom Gear 70 Slot Releaser 45
Slot Releaser 80 Hi-Potion (x10) 50
Level Up 90 Hi-Ether (x10) 55
Haste 100 Mystery Gear 60
Haste LV+ 110 Slot Releaser 65
Rage Gear 120 Elixir (x10) 70
Slot Releaser 130 Limit Recharge (x5) 75
Level Up 140 Aerora (x3) 80
Glide 150 Slot Releaser 85
Omega Gear 160 Mega-Potion (x10) 90
Glide LV+ 170 Mega-Ether (x10) 100
LV Doubler 180 Ultimate Gear 110
Slot Releaser 190 Megalixir (x5) 120
Haste LV+ 200 Aeroga 130
Level Up 210 Premium Orb 140
LV Tripler 220 Sliding Dash LV+ 150
Level Up 230 Crimson Blood 160
Slot Releaser 250 Power Unit 170
Ultima Weapon 255 Adamantite (x2) 180
  Magic Unit 190
  Rune Ring 200
  LV Quadrupler 220
  Guard Unit 240
  LV Doubler 260
  Slot Releaser 280
  Master’s Circle 358

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