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358/2 Days > Synthesis

Synthesis works relatively the same way as it does in other installments of the franchise, but in 358/2 Days it also works a little differently. By collecting Material Panels during Missions, new materials are added to Roxas’ inventory, allowing him to use the materials he’s collected to synthesize to create other Panels to install on the Panel Grid. In addition to having to have the right materials to synthesize a particular Panel, Roxas must also be of the proper Rank to allow the synthesis to take place, and must also pay a certain amount of Munny on top of all that. Like Panels, Synthesis is broken up into smaller categories: Item Panels, Magic Panels, Ability Panels, Weapon Panels, Ring Panels, and Freebies. Links to pages detailing each category are provided below.

Item Synthesis Magic Synthesis Ability Synthesis

Weapon Synthesis Ring Synthesis Moogle Shop Freebies