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358/2 Days > Story Mode: Missions 89 – 93

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Mission 89 – Eliminate Six Giant Heartless

Rank: Master
Treasure Chests: 8
Heart Points: x6.62
Munny: x19.86
EXP: x10.63

This Mission is going to take all of your skills in battle. Your objective is to track down and defeat six giant Heartless. Fortunately, with the exception of one of them, you’ve fought them all before.

The Mission starts you in the “Side Street” area, so head into the “Underground Passage” to find your first target, the Poison Plant. It is extremely vulnerable to Fire spells, so use those after it finishes its thrashing attack to deal maximum damage and defeat this Heartless quickly and with relative ease.

Next, head into the “Tunnel” and locate the Gigas Shadow at the dead end hallway. Lure it back out into the wide open part of the room and attack it with aerial combos to avoid taking too much damage. Aero spells are pretty helpful here, so use those to weaken it quickly.

Backtrack to the “Underground Passage” and make your way to the exit that leads to “Station Plaza”. Up here, a Stalwart Blade waits for you. Block its attacks and strike when it stands still, and don’t forget that Aero is its weakness, so exploit it!

Head down through “Station Heights and bang a right into the “Sandlot”. You’ve never fought a Powered Armor before, but it fights identically to the Guard Armor. Attack the head and watch for its limbs to act on their own. Destroy them in pairs before they return to the torso to destroy them for good. Watch for it to jump and drop its head, then attack it to deal significant damage.

Enter the “Tram Common” from the “Sandlot” to find an Orcus patrolling the skies. Make your way over to the train station part of the “Tram Common” to box it into an area small enough to fight it but large enough to maneuver. Use the same tactics you used in Mission 88 to take it down, though you’re going to have to fight it all the way down to zero HP this time.

Finally, enter “The Woods” and proceed through to “The Old Mansion”. A Veil Lizard is in this area, though it spends most of the fight in an invisible state. Watch out for its tongue and attack it with Blizzard spells from a distance to deal maximum damage.

Now that you’ve beaten these six Heartless, the Mission is technically over. However, the Mission Gauge isn’t filled all the way yet. If you return to “Station Plaza”, you can fight a seventh, EXTREMELY DIFFICULT Heartless. It is strongly recommended that you don’t even attempt this fight until you are around Level 80.

Boss: Dustflier

HP: 2328.00          STR/DEF: 710.40

If you enter this battle thinking the Dustflier is just another flying Heartless with the same old strategies as before, you might as well not even try this fight at all. It is very important to keep moving in this fight, or you will not succeed.

The Dustflier will employ a lot of the standard moves you’ve probably come to expect from the other flying Heartless you’ve faced, but they are a lot more powerful and have a lot of other unpleasant side effects. Every time the Dustflier lands on the ground, it will release a massive shockwave that not only covers an extremely wide area, but is also very high. You’ll need to have the highest-level High Jump Ability to get over it.

Like all the other fliers before it, the Dustflier’s weak spot is its tail, which can be pretty hard to get at sometimes because of all the ridiculous shockwaves and spinning attacks that the Dustflier uses. If you manage to connect with the tail, be ready to move again very quickly. Taking too much damage will drop the Dustflier to the ground, releasing another shockwave. You should primarily use the Glide Ability to get around the area as you’re fighting, attacking the tail with aerial combos when you get an opening.

This fight is made even harder by the constant swarms of Shadows that cover the ground. Don’t even think about worrying about them, as they’ll keep coming back (and honestly, you’ve got much bigger problems than a few Shadows). Use Cura Magic to do all of your healing, as the steady return of HP will prevent you from having to stop too much to heal.

When the battle starts nearing its end and the Dustflier’s HP is getting low, it’ll start employing its meteor attack. To avoid this, hide behind the stairs to the train station and tuck yourself as far into the corner as possible. The meteors will strike the awning above the stairs and explode before ever even hitting you. The trick to this strategy is to get to the side of the staircase that is furthest from the Dustflier. If it’s over by the entrance to “Station Heights”, get to the very back corner of the area. If the Dustflier is on the other end, tuck into the corner of the staircase next to the entrance to the “Underground Passage”.

Continue with a hit and run strategy and do not rely on your Limit Break unless the Dustflier has less than a bar of HP left. Eventually, after a long and difficult battle, the Dustflier will fall.

Mission 90 – Place the Device

Rank: Master
Treasure Chests: 5
Heart Points: x6.63
Munny: x19.89
EXP: x12.63

Your goal is to place the Organization’s device in the “Cave/Lamp Chamber”, so head straight there. In the “Cave/Entrance Hall” and “Cave/Secret Depths”, you’re bound to encounter Heartless, so take them out as necessary. When you arrive at the “Cave/Lamp Chamber”, Roxas places the device. However, it takes some time to set up, and a pretty nasty Heartless is trying to destroy it!

Boss: Land Armor

HP: 1666.24          STR/DEF: 249.60

The Land Armor is just like all other armored Heartless you’ve fought before.

Circle behind it and attack the back of its head to knock it over. Unleash combos while it’s down, then get out of the way! It will retaliate brutally when it gets back up!

Aero Magic is extremely effective against the Land Armor, so use it to knock it down for longer periods of time.

Mission 91 – Escape the Castle

Rank: Master
Treasure Chests: 2
Heart Points: x6.64
Munny: x19.92
EXP: x14.83

In the “Grey Area”, you should do some serious preparing. Once you choose to confront Axel, there is no going back, and this is not the last Mission, so you need to be ready for the long haul. Equip the best Weapon, Ability, and Ring Panels you can, and make sure you have all of the Items you’ll need for the next three Missions. You won’t be needing too much offensive Magic, so swap out your Magic Panels for lots of Cure Magic. When you’re ready, talk to Axel.

After his argument with Axel, Roxas isn’t sure he belongs in the Organization after all. He decides to leave, bring you to the “Hall of Empty Melodies” to start your escape run. For those of you who have played Kingdom Hearts II, the path through The World That Never Was should be very familiar, but even if you haven’t, the route is very straight-forward. Dusks and a few Samurai will appear along the way, but with a strong enough Weapon Panel, you should have no trouble defeating them. The real problem is waiting for you when you enter “Nothing’s Call”.

Boss: Saix

HP: 1316.48          STR/DEF: 125.44

Saix isn’t about to just let Roxas leave the Organization. He’ll use relentless combos and Blizzard spells to try to stop Roxas from escaping the castle.

Saix can also vanish and reappear right behind Roxas, leaving you open for one of his brutal assaults. Use the Lock-on feature to relocate him quickly and use Dodge Roll or Air Slide to avoid taking too much damage.

Another strategy is to simply let Saix dish out damage until you can use your Limit Break. Saix isn’t very good at avoiding this deadly assault, so use it to deal massive damage, then retreat to heal.

Whenever Saix stops to charge up power, he’s about to use his ultimate attack. It’s best to get as far away from him as possible and just let him unleash his berserk charge on thin air. He’ll remain dazed for a short while after using this attack, so get in close and dish out some combos or another Limit Break before he snaps out of it.

Mission 92 – Xion

Rank: Legend
Treasure Chests: 0
Heart Points: x6.65
Munny: x19.95
EXP: x17.23

Roxas flees to Twilight Town, and apparently, the Organization Moogle was worried about him. He awards Roxas with the final rank of Legend and opens up the Synthesis Shop so you can replenish any Items you may have used against Saix in the last Mission. When you’re prepared to keep going, approach the train station and examine the doors to head up to the gang’s old hangout.

Boss: Xion (First Form)

HP: 677.60          STR/DEF: 176.40

Xion transports Roxas to the “Bizarre Room” in Wonderland for your first battle. Her first form is pretty easy to defeat, especially since all of her attacks start with her drawing energy from the nearby Organization Device. Use this cue as a signal to back off and let her attack, then glide back in to deal damage with aerial combos.

Boss: Xion (Second Form)

HP: 1355.20          STR/DEF: 176.40

Your second battle brings you to the “Mansion Ruins” in Halloween Town, which gives you a much larger area to maneuver in when you’re fighting. Be sure to keep moving in this fight, or you risk losing here and now.

Xion will start employing vortex attacks to hold Roxas in place while she strikes. Jump into the air right when they form to avoid being sucked in, and glide around behind her to deal damage. She’ll wind back her scythe and attack with a combo, which you can also avoid by circling behind her in a wide arc using the Glide Ability.

If Xion rises into the air and begins drawing in energy from the Organization Device, start gliding far away from her immediately. You’ll need the head start to avoid getting hit by the homing missiles she fires. They will disappear eventually, so keep gliding until they’re gone. Try to circle back toward Xion as you’re gliding away from the missiles; this way, you’ll be able to land some hits before she unleashes the next salvo.

Boss: Xion (Third Form)

HP: 909.92          STR/DEF: 176.40

The third battle takes place in the “Cave/Lamp Chamber” in Agrabah, the very place that Roxas laid the Organization Device. Xion’s new form is very reminiscent of the Kurt Zisa from the first Kingdom Hearts, wielding four scimitar blades and attacking with ferocious speed and deadly power.

If she jumps into the air, glide away fast before she comes crashing down on top of you. Circle back in fast to let a combo or two out before she goes back on the offensive. Watch for her blades to glow, as this means she is about to unleash a full combo of devastating sword attacks. Give her space to complete the combo before closing back in and countering with a few combos of your own.

Xion will still use vortex attacks to trap Roxas, so jump and glide away to break free of those. Also, watch for Xion to draw energy from the Organization Device. She’ll start forming a bubble of energy around herself. Attack her quickly to prevent the bubble from fully forming, or she’ll recover all of her HP, leaving you back at square one. What’s even worse is that if you attack her after she’s already healed while the bubble is still around her, Roxas will take the damage instead of Xion.

Don’t be afraid to use Limit Break after Limit Break in this fight, since Xion doesn’t really give you a whole lot of openings to work with before she starts her next attacks. Exploit any and every opening you get and keep moving to avoid defeat.

Boss: Xion (Final Form)

HP: 2323.20          STR/DEF: 196.00

Despite what you might think, the hard part is definitely over. Xion’s final form is possibly the easiest to defeat. Her massive size is coupled with severely decreased speed, making her attacks very easy to avoid completely.

Attack Xion’s torso just below her head by getting in close and unleashing combo after combo. You’ll be able to avoid a majority of her assaults simply by staying tucked in close and attacking relentlessly, draining her HP all the while.

Every now and then, Xion may knock you back toward the back of the invisible platform you’re fighting on, so just glide straight back in to continue your assault.Watch for instances where she sweeps the area with her massive swords. You can avoid this attack by jumping over them.

As Xion’s HP drops to about half, she’ll start using a gravity-type attack to knock you away toward a vortex in the center of the area. She’ll then start summoning beams of light that strike at random. You can avoid these for the most part by gliding around the area in a wide circle, hugging the outer edge of the barrier.

Xion’s ultimate attack is easily spotted. The entire invisible platform will turn yellow and she’ll rain down a massive beam of energy that is insanely powerful. This attack is actually very easy to dodge though, so don’t be too worried. Just hug the outer edge of the invisible platform and you should be able to come out unscathed.

Mission 93 – Believe

Rank: Legend
Treasure Chests: 0
Heart Points: x6.66
Munny: x19.98
EXP: x19.83

With Xion’s last wishes in mind, Roxas returns to The World That Never Was with an extra Keyblade and a vengeance! His new dual-wielding powers make his combos seemingly endless, and also allow him to dispatch of the never-ending sea of Neoshadows with a single chop. Make your way through “Fragment Crossing” until you reach “Memory’s Skyscraper”.

Boss: Riku

HP: 2071.52          STR/DEF: 117.60

Riku takes one of your Keyblades, leaving you to fight the old fashioned way with a single Keyblade in hand.

Riku’s standard combo attacks are pretty difficult to dodge, but you can try to Dodge Roll to the side right before he strikes to get out of the way. If you successfully avoid the attack, counter with one of your own, but don’t commit to a full combo. You won’t have enough time to complete it before Riku attacks again.

As the fight continues, Riku will use his Dark Firaga attack from a distance. This attack is capable of somewhat following you, so use the Glide Ability and fly in a wide arc to avoid taking damage. Use this opportunity to close the gap between you and Riku in order to land some hits.

Riku’s Keyblade will begin to glow during certain attacks, which you can Block with the right timing. Counter with an attack of your own when he’s finished unleashing this attack, and if possible, use your Limit Break to deal even more damage.

Congratulations!!!!! You have now completed Story Mode for KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days!