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358/2 Days > Story Mode: Missions 56 – 66

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Mission 56 – Eliminate Both Giant Heartless

Rank: Agent
Treasure Chests: 4
Heart Points: x4.40
Munny: x13.20
EXP: x2.27

This Mission starts you in the “Side Street” area. Head straight to the “Sandlot” to take on your first target.

Boss: Heat Saber

HP: 1311.20          STR/DEF: 79.05

Much like previous versions you’ve faced, it’s best to wait for the Heat Saber to strike before dealing out any damage of your own. Wait until it commits to an attack, then attack while it remains still.

Unfortunately, there is a slight complication to this battle. A Barrier Master is in the “Sandlot” with you, which means you have to defeat it before you can focus on the Heat Saber. The Heat Saber won’t just sit back and wait for you to defeat the Barrier Master though, so keep it in check as you take down the Barrier Master.

The Heat Saber uses the element of fire to deal damage, so naturally, it is very weak against Blizzard spells.

Defeating the Heat Saber grants you access to “Station Heights”. Head straight up the hill to the “Station Plaza” to find your next target.

Boss: Destroyer

HP: 657.60          STR/DEF: 74.25

The Destroyer is essentially a more powerful version of the Guardian you’ve fought before. The Minute Bombs that appear during this fight will continue to appear if they are defeated, so don’t worry about them too much. Just get out of the way before they explode and focus on the Destroyer.

The only new attack the Destroyer has that the Guardian did not is that it can fire its powerful laser from both arms at the same time, spinning around and around as it does it. If you get caught in the beam, you’ll be hit with each pass of the next beam for several passes in a row, dealing some very nasty damage.

The Destroyer is very vulnerable to Thunder spells, so use those to deal heavy damage. Doing so will also temporarily disrupt its laser attacks.

Mission 57 – Eliminate the Commanders

Rank: Agent
Treasure Chests: 7
Heart Points: x4.70
Munny: x14.10
EXP: x2.41

Once again, shrink down in the “Bizarre Room” to enter the “Hedge Maze Entrance”. This time though, you’ll be taking a right instead of going into the “Queen’s Castle”. This new “Red Rose Hedge Maze” area is literally a maze, complete with patrolling Card Soldiers. Similar to Lumiere and Cogsworth in Beast’s Castle, you need to sneak by without being caught.

There are three Commanders scattered throughout the “Red Rose Hedge Maze”. Each time you encounter one, a barrier will arise, blocking you into a section of the maze. Commanders are like more powerful Sergeants, so they shouldn’t be too difficult to defeat. The barrier will drop when the Commander is defeated, freeing you to go find the rest.

When the last Commander falls, Luxord creates a new Dark Corridor, saving you the trouble of having to return to the “Rabbit Hole” to RTC.

Mission 58 – Eliminate the Artful Flyers

Rank: Agent
Treasure Chests: 0
Heart Points: x4.70
Munny: x14.10
EXP: x2.41

Axel accompanies you on this Mission. Proceed to the center of the island, where Tinkerbell will sprinkle you both with fairy dust, allowing you to fly again.

To locate the Artful Flyers, you’re going to have to examine all of Captain Hook’s dig sites again. This time however, the paranoid pirate is continuously blasting cannon fire toward the island in an effort to deal with the Heartless. This means that you’ll need to watch where you fly while you’re eliminating your targets.

There are three Artful Flyers to be defeated, the first of which can be located by examining the dig site on the westernmost rock. The next can be found at the southern dig site on the central island where you began. The last Artful Flyer is at the dig site on the rock at the southeastern part of the map.

Mission 59 – Collect Shining Shards

Rank: Agent
Treasure Chests: 3
Heart Points: x4.70
Munny: x14.10
EXP: x2.41

You need to collect Shining Shards in this Mission, which are dropped by Guardians. From the “Side Street”, head through “Station Heights” down to the “Tram Common”, where you’ll find all of the Guardians you need … as well as a Tailbunker. Take it out before committing to locate the Guardians.

You’ve fought Guardians before, so you should have no problem beating them again and collecting the Shining Shards. Each Guardian is guaranteed to drop a shard when defeated, so simply defeat all four around the “Tram Common” to complete the Mission.

Mission 60 – Eliminate the Avalanche

Rank: Agent
Treasure Chests: 2
Heart Points: x4.70
Munny: x14.10
EXP: x2.41

This time around, you don’t need Tinkerbell’s help to fly, so head straight for the northernmost tip of the island to locate the Avalanche. Just as before, keep your distance and attack only after the Avalanche has performed an attack and is staying still. Fire spells are extremely effective, so keep your distance and use those to deal massive damage. RTC once the Avalanche has been defeated.

Mission 61 – Vanquish the Heartless Threat

Rank: Agent
Treasure Chests: 3
Heart Points: x4.75
Munny: x14.25
EXP: x2.57

Phil decides to finally let Roxas compete in one of the coliseum tournaments. Take out Heartless in Rounds 1-3. In Round 4, another Tailbunker wants a crack at you. Throw the barrels from the top platform to deal severe damage and defeat it in no time.

Round 5 is where the Mission gets a little tricky.

Boss: Xigbar

HP: 899.84          STR/DEF: 53.00

Xigbar wants to test Roxas’s skills, so you’ll have to fight him to get a crack at your real target.

Dodge Roll to avoid his magic bullets and use the Air Slide Ability to get in close and deal damage.

Xigbar seems to be pretty weak against aerial combos, and Aero spells work pretty well too.

Avoid taking too much damage in this fight, but don’t worry: Xigbar backs off when his HP drops about halfway.

Round 6 is where your true target has been hiding. Time to take it out for good.

Boss: Guard Armor

HP: 632.32          STR/DEF: 80.56

Anyone who has played the very first Kingdom Hearts should be familiar with his giant Heartless. It is very strong against magic, so rely on brute strength to take it down.

Attack the Guard Armor’s head to deal damage, but back off when it starts to march forward and swing at the ground. Circle behind it to deal damage after it’s stopped.

The Guard Armor will sometime leap high into the air and then come crashing down on top of you, releasing a shockwave in the process. It’s head will fall off when it lands, so take this time to deal some damage while the head is on the ground.

The head reattaches, but the damage dealt causes its arms and legs to separate and act on their own. Lock onto the arms first and deal with them. If you can destroy both limbs before they reattach to the Guard Armor, they will be lost for the remainder of the battle. The next time this opening occurs, target the legs and do the same.

If only one limb is destroyed, the Guard Armor will simply call a new replacement out of thin air, and regain some HP in the process. Use Limit Break if you need to in order to defeat the limbs quickly before the rejoin the torso.

With all of the limbs destroyed, the torso will resort to spinning whirlwind attacks to deal damage. Back off when it does this, then close in quick and continue dealing damage until the Guard Armor falls.

Mission 62 – Eliminate the Carrier Ghost

Rank: Expert
Treasure Chests: 8
Heart Points: x5.05
Munny: x15.15
EXP: x2.77

With all of your recent efforts, Saix awards you with a new rank, which grants you the new Final Limit Panel. This adds an extra combo finisher to your existing Limit Break and deals some pretty awesome damage. It will come in handy on this Mission and many to come.

Before embarking from the “Grey Area”, speak to Axel. He wants you to score at least one Sigil in the Challenge Mission for Mission 58. If you do, he’ll add Mission 63 to your Mission selection. Speak to Demyx as well. If you can open every single Treasure Chest in Mission 51, he’ll add Mission 64 to the list as well.

Now on the Mission at hand, head all the way to “Boneyard 1”. Roxas gets blocked in and Hover Ghost after Hover Ghost appears. Defeat them all to proceed to the next area. Try using the new Blizzard Pumpkin Bombs to deal massive damage and possibly freeze some of the Hover Ghosts as well.

In the “Moonlight Hill” area, knock the Pumpkin Bombs into the four lanterns to proceed to the “Boneyard 2” area. Once there, examine the black balloon at the back of the room to find your target.

Boss: Carrier Ghost

HP: 1984.00          STR/DEF: 129.60

This can either be a very easy fight or a very difficult one. If you never pass under the Carrier Ghost’s searchlight, it will actually never attack you. Stay behind it or underneath it, striking occasionally and never committing to a full combo. There’s a good chance you’ll be spotted when it turns around if you stay on the offensive too long.

If you do get spotted, the fight escalates to a much more difficult encounter. The Carrier Ghost’s attacks are pretty powerful, and it tends to stay pretty high in the sky, making it difficult to hit. Blizzard spells are very effective, so use those to deal decent damage from a distance. If the Carrier Ghost ever disappears, it will reappear somewhere else in the room. Use the Lock-On feature to find it fast before it targets you again.

Upon arriving back at the “Halloween Town Entrance”, a new enemy will appear as Roxas tries to RTC. Defeat it by targeting the red eye in the center of the claw. Magic is pretty effective against it, but you’ll need to be at a distance, in which case, you risk it popping into the ground and relocating. Once it’s defeated, you can RTC.

Mission 63 – Destroy the Shadow Globs

Rank: Expert
Treasure Chests: 7
Heart Points: x5.05
Munny: x15.15
EXP: x2.77

Destroy the four Shadow Globs in the “Rabbit Hole”. Head into the “Bizarre Room” and shrink down to find the next six Shadow Globs. Proceed through to the “Hedge Maze Entrance” where one Shadow Glob blocks your path to the “Queen’s Castle”. In there, five more Shadow Globs can be found.

In the “Lotus Forest” there are five more Shadow Globs to be destroyed. Finally, the last four Shadow Globs can be located in the “Tea Party Garden”. Watch out though! A Lurk Lizard waits in the “Tea Party Garden” as well!

Mission 64 – Eliminate the Emerald Serenade

Rank: Expert
Treasure Chests: 2
Heart Points: x5.05
Munny: x15.15
EXP: x2.77

The Emerald Serenade travels along a designated route and never strays from it, though it can turn around and travel in the other direction along the same path. You’re job is to ambush it and defeat it while it travels along this path. The best place to do that is under the island in the tunnel. Use Blizzard spells to freeze it and dish out combos while its frozen to deal massive damage.

When it thaws out, the Emerald Serenade will bolt back along its path, and it is virtually impossible to catch by chasing it. Just wait for it to come back down through the tunnel and repeat the process as many times as it takes to defeat it for good.

Mission 65 – Eliminate the Novashadow

Rank: Expert
Treasure Chests: 8
Heart Points: x5.10
Munny: x15.30
EXP: x2.99

Your target is actually right inside the “Bizarre Room”, but you’ll have to do some extra work further into Wonderland to get it to appear. Head all the way through to the “Queen’s Castle” to watch a cutscene. Then backtrack into the “Red Rose Hedge Maze 1” area.

Once again, Card Soldiers patrol the hedge maze, so watch out for them. You need to find four lamp switches located throughout both sections of the maze (two in the “Red Rose Hedge Maze 1” area and two in the “Red Rose Hedge Maze 2” area). Each lamp switch will be accompanied by a group of Heartless, so be ready to fight them off.

When you’ve activated all four lamp switches, return to the “Bizarre Room”. Your target will finally reveal itself.

Boss: Novashadow

HP: 1360.40          STR/DEF: 105.60

The Novashadow is essentially a more powerful version of the Neoshadow you’ve fought before. This time around though, it has some new tricks up its proverbial sleeve.

The Novashadow’s claw attacks are capable of inflicting Flip-Foot, which reverses the game’s controls temporarily. This alone can make the battle extremely difficult. The Novashadow can also sink into the ground and burst out elsewhere, creating a shockwave that can deal some pretty decent damage if you don’t avoid it.

Try to keep your distance, and use Thunder spells to exploit its vulnerability.

Mission 66 – Restore the Town’s Heartless

Rank: Expert
Treasure Chests: 8
Heart Points: x5.40
Munny: x16.20
EXP: x3.23

Never in a million years would you think having the Heartless disappear would be a bad thing. Nevertheless, you’ve been asked to find out why there are no more Heartless in Halloween Town and fix the problem. You’ll need lots of Fire spells at your disposal for this Mission, so take lots of them with you, as well as plenty of Ethers to restore casting when you run out.

Instead of Heartless, you’ll be finding those strange Tentaclaw enemies you encountered at the end of your last Mission here. Take them out as you make your way to “Moonlight Hill”. Proceed into the new “Suspension Bridge” area and then press on to the “Manor Ruins”, where the root of all your problems shows itself.

Boss: Leechgrave

HP: 1523.29          STR/DEF: 204.60

The Leechgrave is one nasty Heartless, and it summons four Tentaclaws to help it out during the fight. Though the only place to inflict damage on the Leechgrave is the coffin that hangs from its center, attacking that directly is not a good idea. If will counterattack with a number of nasty retaliations that will quickly end the battle for you.

Instead, focus on defeating the four Tentaclaws it summons. Watch out though, as they have a new attack that allows them to swallow you and feed you to the Leechgrave, which can hurt a lot. Fortunately, this attack is very easy to see coming, as the Tentaclaw will wind way back before striking. If you can, use the Block Ability on this attack to stun the Tentaclaw for a long time, giving you plenty of room to take it out.

Once you defeat all four of the Tentaclaws, the Leechgrave becomes dazed. Now is the time to move in and strike the coffin. As you might have guessed, both the Leechgrave and the Tentaclaws are very vulnerable to Fire spells, so use those to deal maximum damage. If you have access to it, use your Limit Break against the coffin while the Leechgrave is dazed to really make the most of this opening.

When the Leechgrave comes to again, it’ll summon four more Tentaclaws. Sometimes the Tentaclaws will retreat into the ground and pop up somewhere else nearby. Use the Lock-On feature to track them quickly and knock the Leechgrave out again. Repeat this pattern until it falls for good.