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358/2 Days > Story Mode: Missions 34 – 44

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Mission 34 – Eliminate the Aerial Masters

Rank: Novice
Treasure Chests: 8
Heart Points: x3.10
Munny: x9.30
EXP: x1.50

Your targets on this Mission are four Aerial Master Heartless. One of them is in the “Agrabah Gate” area just beyond the starting point. The remaining three are in the “Sandswept Ruins”. Defeat all four of them to receive 100% Mission Completion.

Upon returning to the Dark Corridor, a Large Armor will appear in the “Agrabah Gate” area, so watch out. If you return to the “Sandswept Ruins” now that the Aerial Masters are gone, a Zip Slasher will be waiting for you. Be careful though, as it’s Level 40!

Mission 35 – Collect Hearts

Rank: Novice
Treasure Chests: 6
Heart Points: x3.10
Munny: x9.30
EXP: x1.50

This is another standard Heart Collection. The new Snowy Crystals can be easily defeated with Fire spells.

Mission 36 – Investigate This New World

Treasure Chests: 2
Heart Points: x3.15
Munny: x9.45
EXP: x1.54

This is another Investigation Mission, meaning you’ll be looking for clues to trigger Breakthroughs and gather information. There are 13 locations to examine at first, but only five of them count toward achieving your first Breakthrough. Examine the two leaderboards and the coliseum gates in the “Outside the Coliseum” area, then head into the “Coliseum Vestibule”. Examine the trophies along the wall until Roxas has is first Breakthrough.

After your first Breakthrough, talk to Phil to begin training in the coliseum. You’ll need to break barrels to earn points in under a minute. If you can knock barrels into each other, they’re worth even more points. If you can manage to score more than 100 points, you’ll receive a special reward from one of your fellow Organization members later in the game.

Now that training is over, it’s time to get back to your investigation. Examine the gold trophy on the wall in the “Coliseum Vestibule” again for another vital clue. Then head outside and examine the giant gladiator statue to the right of the entrance to the “Coliseum Vestibule” for your second and final Breakthrough.

Mission 37 – Vacation

Rank: Rookie
Treasure Chests: 0
Heart Points: x3.20

Not really a Mission, exactly. More of a minigame, but still a mandatory objective nonetheless. One Roxas’s day off, he heads to Twilight Town, where he finds Hayner, Pence, and Olette in a heated game of Grandstander (a game that should be familiar to anyone who’s played Kingdom Hearts II). Roxas decides to take a swing at it.

The object of the game is to keep the ball airborne and earn points. Each hit you land on the ball will knock it into the air slightly and earn you one point. The trick to victory is knocking the ball high into the air, which you can do by unleashing a full combo on the ball. When the ball goes flying up out of view, watch its shadow on the ground to track it and be ready to knock it up again.

You get five tries to earn as many points as you can. After that, the game is over and the Mission ends. You need to score at least 50 points to unlock Mission 49 later in the game.

Mission 38 – Investigate The Castle’s Master

Rank: Rookie
Treasure Chests: 6
Heart Points: x3.50
Munny: x10.50
EXP: x1.63

Before you embark on this Mission, talk to Luxord in the “Grey Area”. If you equip a Weapons Panel with two or more Link Units, he’ll add Mission 41 to your list of Missions.

Another Investigation Mission, your job is to track down the master of Beast’s Castle. There are three Breakthroughs to trigger to get 100% Completion in this Mission.

Examine the open door right by the Dark Corridor when you arrive. Head outside to the “Courtyard” and examine the footprints the ground by the top-right statue. Return to the “Entrance Hall” and proceed up to “The East Wing”. Head back to the “Entrance Hall” and go into the “Ballroom”. Defeat the Heartless that appear so you can examine the center of the floor for another clue. Head back to the “Entrance Hall” and climb the stairs to “The East Wing”. Sneak past Cogsworth and examine the door at the end of the hall. Answer Xaldin’s questions correctly to trigger your first Breakthrough.

Return to “The East Wing” and reexamine the door at the end of the hall. Then head off into “The West Hall” and sneak past Lumiere to “The West Wing”. Examine the door at the end of the hall and Xaldin will ask you another string of questions. Answer them correctly to trigger your second Breakthrough.

Xaldin wants to call it a day, but your Mission Gauge isn’t 100% filled yet. Examine the door to Beast’s Room in “The West Wing” and the door to Belle’s Room in “The East Wing” for two more clues. When you examine Belle’s door, Xaldin will ask you one more string of questions that will lead you to your third and final Breakthrough.

Mission 39 – Collect Hearts

Rank: Rookie
Treasure Chests: 3
Heart Points: x3.50
Munny: x10.50
EXP: x1.63

Take out all of the Heartless in the “Outside The Coliseum” area. Phil comes running out to find you. Apparently there are Heartless in the coliseum. In the first round, you’ll need to take out a Clay Armor. You can only damage it from behind, but it is very vulnerable to Thunder spells.

Once it’s defeated, the second round begins. You’ll need to take out all of the Soldiers in the coliseum to end the round. Unfortunately, this doesn’t provide you with enough Heart Points to complete the Mission. You’ll probably need to redo this round several times to achieve 100% Completion. Fortunately, Phil will let you retry the challenge as many times as you want. Once you’ve achieved 100% though, you cannot try this challenge anymore. Try to score 130 points and one of your fellow Organization members will reward you with a prize on a later day.

Mission 40 – Eliminate the Deserters

Rank: Rookie
Treasure Chests: 3
Heart Points: x3.50
Munny: x10.50
EXP: x1.63

Head straight into “The Coliseum” and defeat all of the Soldiers and Deserters that appear. Remember that Deserters are very fast and will all stop to attack you at once when you defeat one. Be careful!

Mission 41 – Eliminate the Morning Star

Rank: Rookie
Treasure Chests: 3
Heart Points: x3.50
Munny: x10.50
EXP: x1.63

Head straight for “The Coliseum” to locate your target.

Boss: Morning Star

HP: 664.56          STR/DEF: 81.2

The Morning Star (an enemy that should be familiar to anyone who has played Kingdom Hearts II) attacks with fast spinning attacks and high jumping slams.

Don’t bother trying to defeat the Li’l Cannons that appear in this fight. As soon as you defeat one, a new one will appear to take its place. If a target appears over Roxas, a simple Dodge Roll or Aerial Slide will help you avoid the upcoming cannon fire.

The Morning Star spends a good portion of this fight spinning around like a top. It is immune to all damage while it does this, but you can interrupt its spinning by using the Block Ability at the right time. Time it so that you block right when the Morning Star makes one of its spinning charges, and you’ll be able to daze it for a while. Attack by knocking the explosive barrels around you into it to deal massive damage, or simply attack its head with regular combos. Repeat this pattern until it is defeated.

Mission 42 – Collect Hearts

Rank: Rookie
Treasure Chests: 3
Heart Points: x3.55
Munny: x10.65
EXP: x1.69

Though this may be a brand new world, it’s still just a routine Heart Collection Mission. Locate and defeat all of the Heartless you find. There are two Heartless spawn points in the “Halloween Town Entrance” by the Dark Corridor, six in the “Halloween Town Square” area, and one in the “Graveyard” area beyond that.

Mission 43 – Eliminate the Giant Heartless

Rank: Novice
Treasure Chests: 4
Heart Points: x3.60
Munny: x10.80
EXP: x1.75

The main gates to the castle have been locked, so you’ll need to sneak in through the “Entrance Hall Upper Level”. Drop down into the “Ballroom” and proceed to the “Entrance Hall”. There are Heartless and a Treasure Chest in “The East Wing”, but your Mission objective lies in “The West Hall”.

Boss: Dark Follower

HP: 1952.00          STR/DEF: 123.50

The Dark Follower is simply a tougher version of the Darkside you’ve fought before. It’s attacks are simply stronger and some inflict status ailments this time around.

The purple orbs it fires from its chest can still be blocked to send them back at it, but if you get hit, they inflict Blindness this time around. Likewise, the black orbs that rain down from the sky inflict Shoe Glue, which prevents Roxas from jumping or performing aerial combos.

Mission 44 – Eliminate the Avalanche

Rank: Rookie
Treasure Chests: 2
Heart Points: x3.65
Munny: x10.95
EXP: x1.81

This Mission is a double whammy! Since Xion and Roxas are doubling up their Missions, you’ll not only have to complete your Mission, but hers as well.

Right now, her Mission is to collect Organization Emblems. Luckily there are only 10 of them, and there are plenty of Heartless near each Emblem. The first two are located in the “Station Plaza” on either side of the train station. The next five are located in the “Underground Passage”, and the last three are located in the “Tunnel”. Make sure to collect them when the green ring is still around them to get the maximum completion percentage.

Roxas’s task is a little harder. He must defeat a fearsome Heartless known as the Avalanche, which you can find in the “Sandlot” area. Return to the “Underground Passage” and open all three of the switch gates to access the “Side Street”. Then head down the hill and into the “Sandlot” to take on your target!

Boss: Avalanche

HP: 911.20          STR/DEF: 85.80

As you may have guessed from its name, the Avalanche is an ice-themed Heartless, and is therefore very vulnerable to Fire spells. Target its tail to start and either attack with combos or Fire spells when it lands.

Unlike your previous fight against a similar enemy (the Tailbunker), the Avalanche cannot be knocked down to the ground. You’ll have to rely on lots of aerial combos to deal damage, or simply wait for it to land on its own.

The Avalanche will fly backwards slightly before committing to attacks, which makes them easier to avoid. It’ll either perform a spinning dive attack from far away or get up close and flail its tail down at you. These attacks are easy enough to avoid though, especially with the advanced warning you get before each attack.

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