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358/2 Days > Story Mode: Missions 23 – 33

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Mission 23 – Search For Xion

Rank: Novice
Treasure Chests: 7
Heart Points: x2.35
Munny: x7.05
EXP: x1.31

Mission 23 requires a lot of back-and-forth clue finding! Head to the “Sandlot” first, where you’ll find Hayner and Olette talking about a strange noise they heard coming from the “Tunnel”. Before you head there, you should head up to “Station Heights” and check out the bulletin board for a very important clue. You’ll need it for later.

Head into the “Underground Passage” and make your way all the way down to the “Tunnel”. You’ll find Pence there, so speak to him. Return to the “Sandlot” and listen in on Hayner and Olette’s conversation. They’re talking about some place where Pence hides important clues about strange things in Twilight Town. The place they’re talking about is “Under the Tracks”, which you can get to from the “Side Street”. Search the room high and low for all kinds of clues. Be sure to examine the map on top of the oil drum near the door – this is your most important clue.

Return to Pence in the “Tunnel” and confront him about his notes. He refuses to answer you unless you can answer his questions:

  • What’s at the top of “Station Heights”? – Station Plaza
  • What’s written on the bulletin board in “Station Heights”? – Scoop up some sea-salt ice cream
  • How many cars are in the train you can see from “Station Plaza”? – Just one car

With his questions answered, Pence tells you about something strange going on in “The Woods” just beyond the “Tram Common”. Head there and attack the center tree. Something quickly scurries off to the “Old Mansion”!

Boss: Veil Lizard

HP: 1025.15          STR/DEF: 63.45

The The Veil Lizard spends most of the battle in a state of invisibility. To make it visible again, you’ll need to find it and hit it with a few swings of the Keyblade. Watch for its long tongue to come flying out of nowhere and use the Block Ability to guard against it. This will knock the Veil Lizard unconscious for a while, allowing you to really lay some combos in.

The Veil Lizard is pretty susceptible to magic too, so you should have a few spells handy for long-range attacks. Watch out for when it begins to twist its body! This means it’s about to strike with a violent spinning assault! You can use Block to guard against this attack as well, rendering the Veil Lizard unconscious for a short while.

Mission 24 – Investigate the Cave

Rank: Novice
Treasure Chests: 8
Heart Points: x2.65
Munny: x7.95
EXP: x1.34

Head straight to the “Agrabah Gate” and continue on to the “Cave of Wonders”. In the “Cave/Entrance Hall”, jump up to the far back ledge and examine the brown stone near the door. The green gem that Xion found fits perfectly inside, triggering a set of puzzles deeper in the cave.

Now that you’ve reached your first Breakthrough, enter the “Cave/Pillar Room”. Activate the pillars by striking the switch in the top-left corner. Jump across the pillars until you find the raised stone with one hole in it. Strike it to ignite it, then continue up to the “Cave/Abyss”. The stone in this room has three holes in it, so you can’t ignite it until you’ve ignited the block with two holes first (one, two, three).

Fall down into the upper level of the “Cave/Entrance Hall”. There, you’ll find the number 2 block. Strike it and drop down to the lower level of the “Cave/Entrance Hall” and return to the “Cave/Pillar Room”. Climb the pillars again and head into the “Cave/Abyss”. Strike the number 3 block to raise a bridge across the chasm. Strike the lever nearby to open the door across the bridge. Hurry across and into the “Cave/Hidden Room”. Examine the statue at the far side of the room. Just when you’re getting ready to leave, Pete shows up to crash the party!

Boss: Pete

HP: 686.80          STR/DEF: 40.50

Pete attacks with cheap little explosive marbles and even cheaper punches. He’ll completely ignore Xion as she lobs Fire spells from a distance, so you really only need to avoid his attacks while maintaining a distance that’s close enough to get Pete’s attention. If you spend the battle drawing his fire, Xion can easily deplete his entire HP Gauge in just a few minutes. Feel free to take some swings at Pete when openings present themselves though – any damage you can deal obviously helps.

Mission 25 – Collect Organization Emblems

Rank: Novice
Treasure Chests: 2
Heart Points: x2.65
Munny: x7.95
EXP: x1.34

All of the Organization Emblems can be found in the “Tram Common”, though you won’t be able to fill your Mission Gauge to 100% this first time around. To reach some of the more difficult Organization Emblems, you’ll need the High Jump LV3 and Glide LV3 Abilities, which you can’t get until later in the game.

The good news is that you don’t need to worry about whether or not the Organization Emblems have the green rings around them. Even if they don’t, there are still enough of them available to fill the Mission Gauge to the Goal Line. Some of the Organization Emblems will not appear until you defeat some of the nearby Heartless. There are Poison Plants in this Mission, so bring along some Fire spells to take them out with ease.

When you replay this Mission later to get 100%, you will have to make sure that every Organization Emblem has the green ring around it before you collect it, or you won’t have enough points to fill the Mission Gauge all the way.

Mission 26 – Destroy the Shadow Globs

Rank: Novice
Treasure Chests: 6
Heart Points: x2.65
Munny: x7.95
EXP: x1.34

There are a total of 6 Shadow Globs in “The Palace”, “Agrabah Street”, and “Agrabah Gate” areas. Most of them are in pretty high up areas, so bring along several Fire spells in order to make reaching them a little easier.

Mission 27 – Investigate Beast’s Castle

Rank: Novice
Treasure Chests: 6
Heart Points: x2.65
Munny: x7.95
EXP: x1.34

Mission 27 drops you in the “Entrance Hall Upper Level”. Defeat any Heartless you find as you make your way into the crack in the wall that drops you down to the “Entrance Hall”. There are several spots to examine in this room, but the important one is the claw marks on the wall to the right of the door leading out to the “Courtyard”. Continue out to the “Courtyard”, where more clues await. Be sure to examine the bread crumbs on the ground to trigger your first Breakthrough.

Return to the “Entrance Hall” and climb the stairs up to the left. This will take you to “The West Hall”. There aren’t any major points of interest in this room, but there is Lumiere. Much like when you were tailing Pete back in Mission 21, you must avoid walking into Lumiere’s line of sight (marked in red) as you sneak across “The West Hall” and head up the stairs to “The West Wing”.

The Snapper Dog Heartless that appears in “The West Hall” can be dispatched easily with some Fire magic. Examine the footprints on the floor, the door at the end of the hall, and answer some of Xion’s questions to trigger another Breakthrough, filling the Mission Gauge to the Goal Line. To fill it the rest of the way, return to the “Entrance Hall” and examine the four doors along the walls. Answer a few more of Xion’s questions to trigger the last Breakthrough, then return to the “Entrance Hall Upper Level” via the door in the “Courtyard” to RTC.

Mission 28 – Collect Hearts

Rank: Novice
Treasure Chests: 6
Heart Points: x2.65
Munny: x7.95
EXP: x1.34

For the most part, this mission is a standard Heart Collection run. Watch out for Cogsworth in the “Entrance Hall” though; if he sees you, you’ll be discovered. Heartless will appear on the sides of the room under the balconies just outside Cogsworth’s range. Be sure not to be seen while fighting them.

There are also Heartless in the “Courtyard”, “Entrance Hall Upper Level”, and “East Wing” areas. Be sure to check them all out to achieve 100% completion. Watch out for the vicious Snapper Dog Heartless in the “East Wing”. Their bite is definitely worse than their bark!

Mission 29 – Eliminate the Neoshadow

Rank: Novice
Treasure Chests: 7
Heart Points: x2.70
Munny: x8.10
EXP: x1.38

Before starting this Mission, you might want to equip Roxas with plenty of Fire, Blizzard, and Ether Panels. Your target in this Mission is very difficult to hit up close without taking some serious damage, so it’s best to attack with spells from a distance and use the Ethers to restore casts.

This Mission will drop you in “The West Wing”. You should proceed to “The West Hall”, where Lumiere is once again patrolling the halls. You don’t need to sneak past him at all actually, but there are two rather valuable items in Treasure Chests on the other side of the room. If you’re just concerned with finishing the Mission though, proceed to the “Undercroft” area through the door directly across from the staircase.

There are many Treasure Chests in here to be collected, including one that contains a Cymbal Monkey Heartless, so be prepared for it to jump out when you approach. Your next destination is the “Secret Passage” area, which you can access by climbing the boxes up to the balcony and entering through the doorway up there. Once you’re inside, proceed a little ways until an automatic cutscene pits you against your target.

Boss: Neoshadow

HP: 352.00          STR/DEF: 48.84

The Neoshadow is a brutal brawler that attacks with fierce claw swipes and deadly shochwaves. You should begin this fight by pelting him with Fire spells and Blizzard spells from a distance to avoid taking too much damage. Use Ethers to restore casts and continue this pattern until you run out completely.

At this point, you should adopt the classic hit-and-run strategy. Get in close and land one or two hits on the Neoshadow before it retaliates. Never commit to a full combo, or you won’t have time to get out of the way. If the Neoshadow ever sinks into the ground, back off for a bit. When it springs back up, it’ll release a massive shockwave that deals massive damage and inflicts Blindness.

The Neoshadow becomes a standard enemy in later Missions.

Mission 30 – Collect Hearts

Rank: Novice
Treasure Chests: 6
Heart Points: x2.75
Munny: x8.25
EXP: x1.42

Another standard Heart Collection Mission. Proceed into the “Agrabah Street” and defeat all of the Heartless there. Many of them are on high-up platforms, so use the various crates and landings to reach them.

In “The Palace” lies the true challenge. A Large Armor Heartless stands before the palace gates, but he is protected by a force field. A second Heartless, the Barrier Master, is the source of the shield, and must be taken out first in order to take a crack at the Large Armor. The Barrier Master is extremely susceptible to magic, so take it out quick with a few spells. The Large Armor will not just sit idly by while you take out the Barrier Master though, so be sure to keep it in check at all times!

Mission 31 – Eliminate the Bully Dog

Rank: Novice
Treasure Chests: 7
Heart Points: x2.80
Munny: x8.40
EXP: x1.46

Before beginning this Mission, load Roxas up with as many Fire, Blizzard, and Ether Panels as you can! You’re going to need them for this Mission.

Since Xion’s Keyblade is a little on the fritz lately, Roxas loans her his, leaving you to fight with nothing but a stick. Obviously a stick is not enough to take down Heartless, so you’ll be relying a LOT on magic in this Mission.

Cogsworth is patrolling “The West Hall” for this Mission, so slip past him and enter the “Entrance Hall”. Try to let Xion do most of the fighting in this Mission. You’ll need to save your magic casts for when you enter the “Ballroom”. This is where the real target is!

Boss: Bully Dog

HP: 484.80          STR/DEF: 39.15

Similar to the Snapper Dog Heartless, the Bully Dog is not to be taken lightly. His bark and his bite are both pretty nasty, not to mention his devastating lunge attacks.

Obviously, since you have nothing more than a stick to defend yourself, taking it on with a physical assault is completely out of the question. You’ll need to rely on whatever magic your brought with you to attack the Bully Dog from a distance. Let Xion attack at close range and keep your distance. The Bully Dog is pretty susceptible to Fire and Blizzard spells, so use those to deal some damage. Use your Ethers to restore casts, and if you run out completely, there are three Treasure Chests in this room that all contain Ethers. You can use those to keep the fight going.

The Bully Dog becomes a standard enemy in later Missions.

Mission 32 – Vanquish the Heartless Threat

Rank: Novice Rank
Treasure Chests: 8
Heart Points: x3.10
Munny: x9.30
EXP: x1.50

Head through the “Agrabah Streets” into the “Agrabah Gate” area. You can now leave the city and venture out into the “Sandswept Ruins” area. But watch out! There’s a VERY nasty Heartless waiting for you out there!

Boss: Antlion

HP: 836.00          STR/DEF: 74.40

The Antlion starts the battle seeming a little uninterested in Roxas, but that will soon change. Lock on and follow it as it burrows through the sand, attacking the cogs that stick out of the ground when you get close.

Occassionally, the Antlion will stick its head out of the ground and hurl chunks of ruins at you. Dodge the blocks, then move in quick and attack the head before it dives into the sand again. When enough damage is sustained, the Antlion emerges completely and remains still for a little bit while it regains its senses. Move in quick and deal damage before it wakes up!

After the Antlion has been seriously damaged, it’ll completely change battle strategies, hovering upright above the sand and hiding behind a wind barrier. You can’t hope to get anywhere near it while this shield is up, but you won’t have to. The Antlion will be bring the fight to you from here on! Use Dodge Roll and Air Slide to avoid being hit when the Antlion charges. Keep an eye out for purple clouds around the Antlion’s mouth, as this means it’s about to fire a deadly laser beam!

When more chunks of ruins begin swirling around in the wind barrier, get ready to strike at them to knock them back at the Antlion. This is how you’ll have to damage it for the rest of the battle, so get used to the timing and positioning so you can deal the maximum damage before the Antlion goes back on the offensive!

Mission 33 – Break the Jars

Rank: Novice
Treasure Chests: 0
Heart Points: x3.10
Munny: x9.30
EXP: x1.50

Your goal here is to smash all of the jars in the room, which is pretty easy enough to do. Most of the jars will even drop prizes when you break them. But watch out! Breaking some of the jars will summon Samurai Nobodies. They are very tough enemies, so it’s best to avoid them. This can get difficult as the Mission goes on though. There are three jars that summon them when broken, which means eventually you’ll be dealing with six of them out at once. Just keep moving, break jars quickly, and move on to the next one.

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