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358/2 Days > Story Mode: Missions 12 – 22

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Mission 12 – Eliminate the Poison Plant

Treasure Chests: 2
Heart Points: x1.70
Munny: x5.10
EXP: x1.11

Before embarking on Mission 12, you should definitely check up on your Panels and consider bringing some Fire Magic with you. Your target, the Poison Plant, is very vulnerable to Fire Damage.

Upon arriving, head toward the “Side Street” and proceed up to the “Underground Passage” area. Continue through the maze, taking out any Heartless you see. Enter the “Tunnel” area to find your mark!

Boss: Poison Plant

HP: 408          STR/DEF: 77

The Poison Plant can be a rather annoying foe to take on, but it’s rather easy to defeat if you came properly prepared. When the Poison Plant winds its head back, it’s about to execute a series of attacks in which it will smash its head into the ground. At the end of this, it’s head will remain stuck in the ground for a short while. This is your opportunity to deal some serious damage with your Fire spells. Repeat this pattern a few times and the Poison Plant will be defeated in no time.

The Poison Plant becomes a standard enemy in later Missions.

Mission 13 – Eliminate the Deserters

Treasure Chests: 1
Heart Points: x1.75
Munny: x5.25
EXP: x1.13

The Deserters are fast-paced versions of Soldiers who are almost impossible to keep up with. If you manage to kill one of them, the entire swarm will freeze in their tracks and swoop in for an attack. Fortunately, they die in about one hit each, so defeating them is not too much of a problem … as long as you can keep up with them.

Mission 14 – Eliminate the Darkside

Treasure Chests: 5
Heart Points: x1.80
Munny: x5.40
EXP: x1.15

After arriving in the “Side Street”, head up through “Station Heights” until you reach “Station Plaza”. The Darkside waits for you in front of the station tower.

Boss: Darkside

HP: 462          STR/DEF: 40

Darkside is not a very challenging battle. The trick is to just keep mashing it with combos while avoiding its occasional attacks. Darkside likes to slam its fists into the ground, creating large shockwaves that can deal some pretty decent damage. If you stay along the outer edges of the area, you should dodge these just fine.

Your target in this fight is one of Darkside’s hands. Barrage it with aerial combos to deal damage, and use the lock on feature to keep it in your sights. Darkside can also summon Shadows from the pool of darkness surrounding his fist. You can defeat them for some extra EXP, or ignore them and use this chance to land some ground combos on Darkside’s hand while it’s stuck in the dark pool.

Darkside will sometimes reach into the heart-shaped cavity in its chest and launch a purple energy orb that can follow you if you’re not careful. It’s best to stay in close where the orb won’t be able to curve down fast enough to hit you.

Darkside’s other attack to keep an eye out for isn’t very powerful, but it can get rather annoying. Darkside will reach into the ground, pull out a heart, and then release it into the sky. The heart dissolves and energy orbs start raining down from above. These orbs don’t hurt much individually, but if you get hit by too many of them, they can seriously turn the tide of the battle!

Mission 15 – Investigate This New World

Treasure Chests: 5
Heart Points: x1.85
Munny: x5.55
EXP: x1.17

Mission 15 is another recon mission, this time with Xigbar as your partner. Agrabah is a brand new world for Roxas to explore, and it’s definitely seen better days. Your job is to examine the city after it’s been recently slammed by a severe sandstorm. There are examine points all over the city, but the ones you really need to look at are the scaffolding and city wall in the “Agrabah Street” area, as well as the locked storage door and enormous sand dune in the “Agrabah Gate” area. Examining these four points will trigger Roxas’s first Breakthrough.

Return to “The Palace”, where you’ll find Aladdin and Jasmine talking. Roxas will have his second Breakthrough during the cutscene, which will fill the Mission Gauge enough to RTC. To fill the Mission Gauage 100%, examine the palace door after the cutscene, then return to the “Agrabah Gate” area and examine the city limits looking out over the desert. These two checkpoint will provide Roxas with enough information for another Breakthrough, and will fill the Mission Gauge all the way.

Mission 16 – Eliminate the Fire Plants

Rank: Novice
Treasure Chests: 5
Heart Points: x2.15
Munny: x6.45
EXP: x1.19

The Fire Plants are scattered all over Agrabah and you need to take them all out. Defeating 7 of them will fill the Mission Gauge and allow you to RTC, which you can find at “The Palace”, the “Agrabah Street”, and the “Agrabah Gate” areas.

Once you take out all 7, 3 more appear in hard-to-reach places at the “Agrabah Street”. You’ll need to return once you have the Air Slide or Glide Abilities to fill the Mission Gauge 100%.

Mission 17 – Eliminate the Tailbunker

Rank: Novice
Treasure Chests: 2
Heart Points: x2.15
Munny: x6.45
EXP: x1.19

From the Dark Corridor at “Station Plaza”, head down through “Station Heights” and head into the “Tram Common”. The Tailbunker hovers in the skies above, so watch out!

Boss: Tailbunker

HP: 566          STR/DEF: 47

The Tailbunker is a flying enemy that attacks with fast swooping dives and vicious tail swipes. You should also watch out for its fireball attack. Keep yourself locked on to the Tailbunker’s movements at all times to avoid losing it in the sky.

If you target the wings first, the Tailbunker won’t be able to fly anymore, keeping it grounded. It will still attack with swinging tailspins, and may begin hopping around, creating shockwaves when it lands. Continue attacking with aerial combos and cast Blizzard magic while it’s down to deal maximum damage.

The Tailbunker becomes a standard enemy in later Missions.

Mission 18 – Collect Organization Emblems

Rank: Novice
Treasure Chests: 4
Heart Points: x2.15
Munny: x6.45
EXP: x1.19

To complete this Mission, you must collect the scattered Organization Emblems that lie around Agrabah. Sounds easy enough, but there’s a catch. If you want to fill the Mission Gauge 100%, you need to collect every single Organization Emblem while the Green Rings are still around them. The rings will shrink slowly if you go too long without collecting an Organization Emblem, and if you collect any after the Green Rings have faded, you won’t be able to get 100% on the Mission Gauge.

If the Green Rings shrink all the way, try locating a nearby Heartless and defeating it. That will set the Green Rings back to full size so you can start collecting again. You should be aware that the Green Rings will start to shrink faster as fewer Organization Emblems remain. In other words, the more you collect, the faster you’ll have to move.

Mission 19 – Eliminate the Deserters

Rank: Novice
Treasure Chests: 3
Heart Points: x2.15
Munny: x6.45
EXP: x1.19

Head from the Dark Corridor in the “Agrabah Streets” to “The Palace” and take out the 16 Deserters that show up. Like previous encounters with these Heartless, be cautious when you defeat one of them. Getting rid of one will bring the wrath of the entire swarm down on you at once.

Mission 20 – Destroy the Shadow Globs

Rank: Novice
Treasure Chests: 2
Heart Points: x2.20
Munny: x6.60
EXP: x1.22

The Shadow Globs are blobs of dark energy that latch themselves onto an environment like leeches. Your job is to go around town and destroy every Shadow Glob you find. There three areas that you can find them in: the “Side Street” has two, the “Sandlot” has two more, and the “Tram Common” holds the remaining eleven.

There are a few Shadow Globs that are a little harder to reach than the others. The one high up on the wall in the “Side Street” is easily reached if you jump from the nearby box on the ground, but can be difficult to hit if you accidentally break the box while fighting off the Heartless that appear.

Three other Shadow Globs in the “Tram Common” are even harder to reach than that. The first is high up on the side of a building near the stairs. You can reach it by climbing the steps and running across the bridge going over the tram tracks. Lock on to the Shadow Glob and cast a Fire spell across the gap to destroy it.

The second is right around the corner from the upper rooftops. If you jump from where you stood to destroy the previous Shadow Glob and veer to the left, you can hug the corner and use an aerial combo to strike the Shadow Glob around the corner. Roxas’s auto-targeting should redirect your attacks when you come in range and help you land hits.

The final Shadow Glob is on the blue-roofed building in the top right corner of the “Tram Common”. You get on top of the rooftop nearby, you can lock on to the Shadow Glob and launch another Fire spell to destroy it.

Mission 21 – Collect Hearts

Rank: Novice Rank
Treasure Chests: 8
Heart Points: x2.25
Munny: x6.75
EXP: x1.25

The first leg of this Mission requires you to follow Pete around the city. As you follow him, keep him within Roxas’s line of sight, marked in blue. Be sure to stay out of Pete’s line of sight (marked in red) while you follow him.

Pete reveals the entrance to a new section of Agrabah called “The Cave of Wonders”. Proceed through the cave mouth to the “Cave/Entrance Hall”, where you can find a few Heartless to defeat for your Heart Collection Mission. You’ll need to push a few crates around to reach the higher ledge in the back of the room. Once you get up there, head into the “Cave/Pillar Room”.

You’ll have to do some platforming in the “Cave/Pillar Room” to find the rest of the Heartless. Defeat the ones you find on the lower level to reveal the Large Armor. Defeat it and the Mission Gauge will fill to the Midway Point. You can RTC now if you wish, or continue exploring to find the remaining Heartless.

Strike the square switch in the “Cave/Pillar Room” to cause the pillars to start moving. Climb the pillars to reach the entrance to the “Cave/Abyss”. Jump into the chasm, which will drop you down in the upper rafters of the “Cave/Entrance Hall”. The remaining Heartless are up here. Be careful not to fall off while fighting them, or you’ll have to climb all the way up here all over again!

Mission 22 – Eliminate the Sergeant

Rank: Novice
Treasure Chests: 5
Heart Points: x2.30
Munny: x6.90
EXP: x1.28

The Dark Corridor drops Roxas at the “Bridge”. Proceed through the large double doors to the “Courtyard”. The gargoyle statues need to be pushed onto their spots to proceed any further. Push them onto the empty circles on the ground and a hidden door in the side of the wall will open. Head through there and enter the “Entrance Hall Upper Level”. The series of switches on the walls will open the remainder of the room so you can find the gap in the wall that will drop you down to the “Entrance Hall”.

Boss: Sergeant

HP: 440.68          STR/DEF: 31.05

The Sergeant is essentially nothing more than an overgrown Soldier, though it is a bit more relentless with its attacks and a lot more powerful! Avoid its spinning kicks as best you can and attack right after it lands – this is your best window to strike before the Sergeant turns around to attack again!

The Sergeant becomes a standard enemy in later Missions.

After defeating the Sergeant, the large double doors in the “Entrance Hall” open and lead back outside to the “Courtyard”. You can return to the Dark Corridor and RTC from there.