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358/2 Days > Story Mode: Missions 01 – 11

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Before you can embark on any Missions, you must first get through Day 7 ~Number XIV~, which is rather easy since all you have to do is talk to Axel in the “Grey Area” and tell him you’re ready to go to the meeting. A cutscene takes place and the game moves along to Day 8 ~The Icing on the Cake~.

From now on, to initiate your next Missions, you’ll need to talk to Saix in the “Grey Area”.

Mission 01 – Learn Mission Basics

Treasure Chests: 1
Heart Points: x1.00

The very first Mission teaches the fundamentals of controlling Roxas. It also introduces other basic Mission protocols, such as Barriers and RTC. The first segment of this Mission will teach you how to operate the camera, move Roxas, jump, use the Command Menu, and other basics. You’ll need to follow Axel to your various objectives to get all the basics of gameplay down pat.

When prompted, examine the switch on the wall to open the gates to the lower level of the area. Continue along until Axel stops you to explain Barriers. The Organization has put up these walls to keep their agents on task. If an area is blocked off by a Barrier, it means you don’t need to go that way, so don’t worry about them.

Continuing up the path, Roxas and Axel eventually find the Treasure Chest they were looking for. You can open it to obtain a Potion.

Normally, in order to complete a Mission, you’ll need to RTC after you’re done. To do this, you have to return to the Dark Corridor that entered through and examine it. In this particular Mission, a cutscene automatically brings you back to the castle.

Mission 02 – Learn the Basics of Combat

Treasure Chests: 0
Heart Points: x1.05
Munny: x3.15
EXP: x1.01

In this Mission, you’ll be learning the basics of fighting, which is pretty straight forward. Conveniently, a couple of Heartless have shown up, so you can use them as practice dummies while you get the basics down. Press the A Button repeatedly while selecting the Attack option from your Command Menu to unleash a full combo of attacks.

After defeating a single enemy, a feint yellow ring will appear around all of the other nearby enemies. If you can defeat more enemies before that ring disappears, you’ll start building up a Chain, which increases the number of Heart Points, Munny, and EXP collected. Attacking while in a Chain also slightly increases the power of your individual attacks.

Mission 03 – Learn About Your Field Duties

Treasure Chests: 1
Heart Points: x1.10
Munny: x3.30
EXP: x1.02

This Mission explains the Mission Gauge, which is displayed at the bottom of the lower screen. Completing Mission objectives fills the Mission Gauge as you progress through the Mission. Some Mission Gauges have a Middle Mark, which indicates that you’ve met the minimum requirements in order to RTC, but there is still more that can be done to fill the Mission Gauge all the way. In order to get 100%, you’ll need to fill every single Mission Gauge all of the way!

Zexion is paired with you for this Mission, and he’s tasked you with defeat some Heartless. You just have to locate 7 of them and defeat them in order to reach the Middle Mark on the Mission Gauge. Zexion then encourages you to keep going, so locate 6 more Heartless and defeat them to get the Mission Gauge up all the way. With this task complete, it’s time to RTC.

Mission 04 – Learn How to Use Magic

Treasure Chests: 3
Heart Points: x1.15
Munny: x3.45
EXP: x1.03

Before you leave the “Grey Area” for your next Mission, Roxas is granted access to the Panel System, which allows you to customize your character’s Abilities, LV, Magic, Accessories, Weapon, and Items. This next Mission is all about learning the basics of Magic, so you should add a few Magic Panels into your Panel Grid before talking to Saix.

This Mission pairs you with Larxene, who will teach you the basics of casting Magic in battle. Some Heartless show up, and you’ll have to take them out only using the Magic Panels you brought with you on the Mission. The way the Panel System works when it comes to Magic is simple. Each Magic Panel you install in your Panel Grid allows 1 casting of that spell. The more Magic Panels you install in your Panel Grid, the more times you’ll be able to cast your various spells. The Treasure Chests scattered around all contain Ethers, which restore the number of casts you have left for your spells. Use them if you need to replenish your Magic.

A second wave of Heartless appears and Larxene lets you have at them any way you want. Either continue casting Magic or simply attack them with standard combos to get the job done.

Mission 05 – Learn About Reconnaissance

Treasure Chests: 1
Heart Points: x1.20
Munny: x3.60
EXP: x1.04

Some Missions will require you to scope out new Worlds and record what you find. For this exercise, you’re paired with Vexen, who will guide you to your various objectives. In reconnaissance Missions, you’ll have to examine various objects and places in the world in order to fill the Mission Gauge.

Examine the two store fronts and the tram tracks for your first three pieces of information. This will trigger Roxas’s first Breakthrough, which fills the Mission Gauge slightly. Next, examine the tram door on the back wall of the main plaza area, the staircase by the bridge under the archway, and finally, the tram door in the top right-hand corner of the map to achieve your second Breakthrough. This will fill the Mission Gauge enough to RTC.

If you want to get 100%, examine the tram track in the garage area and the small alley surrounded by buildings. This will push your Mission Gauge all the way.

Mission 06 – Learn About Limit Breaks

Treasure Chests: 0
Heart Points: x1.25
Munny: x3.75
EXP: x1.05

This is a very simple Mission, teaching you how to use your all-powerful Limit Break attack! When Roxas’s HP is down past the yellow marker on his HP Gauge, you can hold down the A Button to enter Limit Break Mode. Rapidly press the A Button while in Limit Break Mode to unleash a devastating barrage of attacks, followed by a big finishing move.

Boss: Mega-Shadow

HP: 74.4          STR/DEF: 10

The Mega-Shadow is just a larger version of the standard Shadow enemy, and it attacks and behaves identically. Rapidly press the A Button to unleash your full Limit Break on it, which should be enough to defeat it. If not, back off a little and heal if you need to, or just pelt it with Fire spells from a distance.

The Mega-Shadow becomes a standard enemy in later Missions.

Mission 07 – Collect Hearts

Treasure Chests: 3
Heart Points: x1.30
Munny: x3.90
EXP: x1.05

This Mission, as many of the Missions to come will also do, has you collecting as many Heart Points as you can. To do that, you’ll have to defeat all of the Emblem Heartless you can find. Start in the “Side Street” a few steps from the Dark Corridor, then proceed to “Station Heights”. As you make your way up the hill, a force field will appear and seal you inside. You must defeat all of the Heartless that appear in order to drop the shield and continue up to “Station Plaza”. Take out the remainder of the Heartless up there and the Mission Gauge will fill to the Middle Mark.

More Heartless have appeared, so take them out as you make your way back to the Dark Corridor. By the time you get back, you should have a full Mission Gauge.

Mission 08 – Eliminate the Watchers

Treasure Chests: 2
Heart Points: x1.60
Munny: x4.80
EXP: x1.07

The Watchers are a new type of Emblem Heartless, and you need to take out every one you find. The first batch is just a few steps from the Dark Corridor up at “Station Plaza”. Defeat them and proceed down to “Station Heights” to locate the next groups. When you’ve defeated all of them, head down to the “Sandlot”.

The “Sandlot” is full of Watchers, so you’ll have to constantly keep moving to avoid taking too much damage. Focus on taking out one Watcher at a time, but don’t completely ignore the others. They’re not just going to stand back while you take out one at a time. As always, if you start to become overwhelmed, you can fall back on your Limit Break to clear out the area pretty easily.

Mission 09 – Collect Hearts

Treasure Chests: 7
Heart Points: x1.60
Munny: x4.80
EXP: x1.07

This Mission is another round of Heart collection. The Heartless in town are all Purebloods, so you get any Heart Points from them. Your target lies beyond the forest at “The Old Mansion”. There, you’ll find several Dire Plants, which will give you the Heart Points you need to fill the Mission Gauge to the Middle Mark.

When you make it back to the “Tram Common” area, a new extremely powerful enemy appears, and you’ll need to defeat it if you want to max out the Mission Gauge. The Zip Slasher is no pushover, but this fight is completely optional, so if it becomes too much to handle, you can always retreat to the Dark Corridor.

Boss: Zip Slasher

HP: 1800          STR/DEF: 39

To defeat the Zip Slasher, you really want to let Marluxia do most of the fighting. Only move in to use your own attacks when the Zip Slasher isn’t moving. Usually, you can get in one complete combo before the Zip Slasher winds its arms back to initiate its spinning blade attack. When this happens, get away from it as fast as you can and give it ample room to let out its attack before moving back in to attack again. The Zip Slasher has a lot of HP and is more than 20 Levels higher than Roxas at this point in the game, so your attacks aren’t going to do much individually. Just continue with the hit and run strategy and the Zip Slasher will eventually fall.

The Zip Slasher becomes a standard enemy in later Missions.

Mission 10 – Prove Your Endurance

Treasure Chests: 0
Heart Points: x1.60
Munny: x4.80
EXP: x1.07

This Mission actually takes place at The World That Never Was. In an arena-style Mission, Roxas must survive for 1 Minute against wave after never-ending wave of Dusks. Keep moving frequently to avoid taking too much damage, and use your Limit Break if things start to become too much.

Mission 11 – Eliminate the Guardian

Treasure Chests: 5
Heart Points: x1.65
Munny: x4.95
EXP: x1.09

The target for this Mission is the Guardian, a new type of Heartless that has surfaced in the “Sandlot” area. Unfortunately, the Dark Corridor is all the way up at “Station Plaza” and there’s a Barrier blocking the quickest route there. To get to the “Sandlot”, you’ll have to navigate the maze in the “Underground Passage” and emerge at the “Side Street”. From there, you can head down to the “Sandlot”.

Boss: Guardian

HP: 185.09          STR/DEF: 27.9

The Guardian is essentially a larger Watcher, but it does have one incredibly powerful move that the Watchers do not. Its laser cannon can easily rip through your HP in seconds, so be sure to avoid it at all costs. During this fight, there will be several Watchers floating around as well. You’re almost better off taking them out first so you don’t have to worry about some random shot from across the “Sandlot” killing you while you’re taking down the Guardian. As always, the Limit Break is a powerful way to get the upper hand, but be careful. Having low HP in this fight can mean defeat at any moment.

The Guardian becomes a standard enemy in later Missions.