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358/2 Days > Status Ailments

New to the Kingdom Hearts franchise is the addition of Status Ailments. Certain enemies can trigger certain Status Ailments when they deal damage to Roxas, and these various ailments can have different effects on him. Though all Status Ailments wear off with time, they still present unique challenges when battling the various enemies Roxas must face. A complete list of each Status Ailment and their effects is provided below.


Referred to as fire damage. If at any point, your character suddenly catches on fire, this means that your character has been Ignited. Ignition slowly decreases your HP over time by dealing additional damage even after an enemy is defeated.


Referred to as ice damage. It’s easy to tell when a character has been Frozen, as they will suddenly be encased in a large block of ice. This means that your character cannot move or attack. You can rapidly press the A Button to break free of the ice.


Referred to as lightning damage. In the event a character becomes Jolted, that character will cause damage to any ally that character touches.


Referred to as flower damage. When a sunglasses icon appears over a character’s head, this means that they have been Blinded. Being Blinded significantly reduces the chances of your character’s attacks actually making contact with the enemy, usually making your attacks relatively useless.


Referred to as moon damage. Being Silenced is marked by three periods over a character’s head, and means that that character may not cast any magic until the effects wear off.


Referred to as space damage. Marked by a 1-ton icon over a character’s head, this ailment prevents characters from jumping or using aerial combos.


Referred to as wind damage. A tornado icon above a character’s head means that character has been Air-Tossed. This means that the character cannot perform any actions while in the air. The effects wear off shortly after reconnecting with the ground.


Referred to as illusion damage. When question marks appear over a character’s head, this means that they have become Flip-Footed, meaning that their movement controls have temporarily become reversed.


Referred to as light damage. When a character is Radar-Zapped, the map displayed on the lower screen goes blank until the effects wear off.

Damage Drained

Referred to as water damage. Some enemies have the ability to perform attacks that deal damage to a character while taking their HP and converting into HP of their own.

HP Halved

Referred to as earth damage. Certain enemies are capable of attacks that reduce a character’s HP by half of that character’s Max HP.

Rewound Defense

Referred to as time damage. A blue shield with Lv.1 engraved on it over a character’s head means that the character’s defense is significantly lowered for a short period of time.

Nulled Defense

Referred to as nil damage. Some enemies can attack without regard for the character’s defense.