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358/2 Days > Mission Mode

Mission Mode can be played either alone or with up to 4 players via the Nintendo DS Wireless Local Play. Mission Mode allows players to replay Missions they have already completed in Story Mode in order to obtain Mission Crowns, which can be exchanged for Moogle Shop Freebies. In addition to collecting Mission Crowns, players compete for points earned by defeating enemies. At the end of the Mission, the player with the most points is awarded the Mission Crowns for that round.

Mission 00

In addition to being able to replay older Missions from Story Mode, Mission Mode offers a new tutorial Mission called Mission 00, which teaches players how to play while in Mission Mode.

Gathering Gates

While in Mission Mode, players may encounter Gathering Gates, which resemble white circles blocking off certain areas of the map for that Mission. These areas are not inaccessible, but require all players to pass through them simultaneously in order to advance to the area they are blocking.

Mission Countdown

After a Mission has been completed, a timer will appear at the top of the screen. If the players can make it back to the Dark Corridor before the timer reaches 0, they are awarded extra Mission Points. The first player to reach the Dark Corridor is awarded the points. After the timer expires, the extra Mission Points disappear and no player can claim them.

Unlocking New Characters

The first time a player enters Mission Mode, the original 13 members of Organization XIII are available to play as. The other 6 characters must be unlocked by reaching certain criteria while in Story Mode. The details are as follows:


Reach Day 117 in Story Mode


Clear Story Mode after filling every Mission Gauge 100% and purchase Sora’s Awakening from the Moogles


Reach Day 172 in Story Mode

King Mickey

Clear Story Mode after completing every Mission and purchase The King’s Return from the Moogles


Reach Day 225 in Story Mode


Reach Day 296 in Story Mode

Dual-Wielding Roxas

By equipping Roxas with the Zero Gear and placing 4 Ability Unit Panels inside it, you can play as Roxas wielding the Oathkeeper and Oblivion while in Mission Mode. Playing as dual-wielding Roxas is only possible in Mission Mode. Equipping 4 Ability Unit Panels to the Zero Gear in Story Mode will only revert the weapon back to the Kingdom Key +.