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Roxas 358/2 Days


Awakened by Xemnas, the leader of Organization XIII, Roxas joins the group to learn about himself. He can use the Keyblade, and though he does not have a heart, he enjoys his time with his friends, Axel and Xion.

Roxas slowly uncovers how he fits into the Organization’s plans. He carries out a variety of missions for them to further their shadowy goal. When push comes to shove, he leaves the Organization in search of the answers he was unable to get while among their ranks.

Axel 358/2 Days


Number VIII in the Organization, Axel takes Roxas under his wing and shows him the ropes of life in the Organization. His motives are questionable, but his loyalty to his friends knows no bounds.

Axel enjoys the time that he spends with his friends, Roxas and Xion, but when things between them begin to fall apart, it becomes Axel’s duty to save his slowly unraveling friendship … even if it means going against his friends.

Xion 358/2 Days


Xion is the mysterious fourteenth member of the Organization, and though not much is known about her when she first joins, she can use the Keyblade, which peaks Roxas’s curiosity.

She quickly befriends Roxas and Axel, and the three of them become good friends in no time. But after the events of one mission, Xion begins to question her very existence and leaves the Organization to find the truth.

King Mickey 358/2 Days

King Mickey

Mickey is King of Disney Castle, and a good friend of Riku’s. After the events of Sora’s first adventure, he and Riku were sealed inside the Realm of Darkness. They both managed to escape, but were separated.

Riku and Mickey met up again in Castle Oblivion, but Mickey leaves after Riku asks him to help Sora when he wakes up.

Riku 358/2 Days


Riku is Sora’s best friend who recently overcame an intense struggle with the darkness inside his own heart. Riku works tirelessly to ensure that Sora’s memories return to him in tact.

When Riku meets Xion, he tells her that her Keyblade is a sham. This leads him to help her uncover the truth about who (and what) she is in an effort to inevitably bring her and Sora back together.

Namine 358/2 Days


After the events in Castle Oblivion, Naminé has been working tirelessly with Riku and DiZ to restore Sora’s memories to the way they were.

Naminé discovers that many of Sora’s memories are missing, and that they have been siphoned into Xion. She fears that if Xion doesn’t rejoin Sora, Sora might never be able to wake up.

DiZ 358/2 Days


An enigmatic man, DiZ is working with Naminé and Riku to restore Sora’s memories so that he will wake up.

When Naminé informs DiZ that Xion’s very existence threatens their mission to revive Sora, he tasks Riku with taking care of Xion in any way he must.

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