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358/2 Days > Character Stats

There are many different characters to choose from when playing in Mission Mode. Each character has their own set of weapons, stats, and abilities that makes them unique. Provided below is a brief description of the advantages and disadvantages to using each character in battle.


Roxas is the character who you’ll spend most of the game controlling. That being said, you’ll have plenty of time to get used to the way he fights. Using the Keyblade, Roxas assaults enemies with ground and ariel combos that last anywhere between 2 and 7 hits depending on which Weapon Panel is currently equipped to him. In Mission Mode, Roxas handles the exact same way he does in Story Mode with one noteable exception. By equipping 3 Ability Panels to Roxas’s Zero Gear in Mission Mode, Roxas can dual-wield the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades, giving his combos a drastic boost. However, if you equip the same amount of Ability Panels to the Zero Gear in Story Mode, Roxas’s weapon will simply become the Kingdom Key + all over again. Roxas’s attacks usually deal a moderate amount of damage and he has decent speed when it comes to maneuvering through the battlefield. He is one of the most well-rounded characters to choose from when playing in Mission Mode.


Also being a Keyblade wielder, Xion’s stats and weapons are identical to Roxas’s. The only difference is that Xion cannot dual-wield in MIssion Mode like Roxas can. Other than that, Xion’s weapons, their abilities, and all of her level-by-level stats are exactly the same as Roxas’s, making her another well-rounded character to use in battle. Like Roxas, Xion’s attacks deal moderate damage, her speed is fair, and her combo attacks last between 2 and 7 hits both on the ground and in the air. Though players cannot control Xion in Story Mode for any length of time, she handles identically to Roxas, so players should have no trouble using her in Mission Mode.


The Organization’s Superior is actually a very difficult character to use. Though his Magic and Strength surpass almost every other character’s, his speed is drastically lacking. What’s more, most of his weapons only have a combo of up to 2 or 3 hits, with the occasional exception of reaching 4 to 6 hits. Controlling Xemnas may leave players frustrated, as even after using the Air Slide to turbo charge his Glide, Xemnas still takes a very long time to navigate the various worlds. He is best used on missions where there is more fighting than walking.


Xigbar’s attacks are limited somewhat, as he is the only character who has a set number of ammunition before he has to reload. This can create some rather annoying instances in which Xigbar is left wide open while attempting to reload. His combos aren’t measured in hits like every other characters, but rather, they are measured by the amount of ammo each weapon gives him. This amount ranges anywhere from 3 to 48. Xigbar’s speed is exceptionally high however, which somewhat offsets his lack of strength and magic.


Xaldin is truly brutal. What he lacks in speed and maneuverability, he certainly makes up for in pure might. His land combos typically range from 3 to 5 hits, though each hit packs enough of a punch to deal significant damage to any foe caught in Xaldin’s way. Though his air combos are lacking extensiveness, they too are exceedingly powerful. What makes Xaldin truly stand out above other characters is the range of his attacks. Xaldin’s attacks are typically capable of dealing damage in such a wide area that even enemies who are nowhere near him can sometimes get caught in the blast radius.


When it comes to offense, Vexen is not the best choice. However, Vexen is exceptionally good at defending himself in battle, as well as using magic. He also has a very high chance of dealing critical blows to enemies, though his attacks do not do all that much damage. Maneuverability is limited with Vexen as well, and his attack speed can be rather slow for the most part. Land combos typically range from 2 to 5 hits, and air combos are even shorter, typically varying between 2 and 3 hits per combo.


A real power player, Lexaeus has immense HP, Strength, Defense, and Critical Bonus. Lexaeus is a good pick when you have a slow enemy with high HP as your target, as he’ll take it down in no time. The biggest problem with choosing Lexaeus as that his attack speed, maneuverability, and magic power are all through the floor. It takes Lexaeus such a long time to swing that massive Axe Sword around that it typically leaves him wide open to be attacked. Even his Dodge Roll ability is almost useless because of how slowly he executes it. Land combos range from 3 to 5 hits while air combos are even more limited at 1 to 2.


Zexion is actually a fairly balanced character without actually having balanced stats. Though his strength and defense are generally lacking, he more than makes up for it in magic, attack speed, and critical bonus. And despite the fact that his individual attacks don’t deal all that much damage, his combos usually add up enough hits to deal some pretty decent damage by the end of the onslaught. The biggest problem with using Zexion is that his HP is drastically low, making it difficult to survive powerful attacks from strong enemies.


Saix is a generally well-rounded character to play as, and he has excellent Critical % and Critical Bonus. His HP and strength are pretty good too. Saix’s Defense, Magic, and Attack Speed are somewhat lacking, but they’re not terrible. One of the hardest things to control about Saix is the accuracy of his attacks. Sure, they’re relentless, especially when he goes into his Limit, but they it’s typically hard to control Saix’s movements when he’s berserking, making most of his attacks hit nothing but thin air while the enemy is moving freely elsewhere.


Axel is arguably one of the best characters to play as. His stats are very well-balanced and his attacks are ferocious and relentless. Some of his land combos can reach up to 10 hits in a single combo, and they usually transition into air combos which can add up to 5 more hits. That’s 15 hits in a standard string of attacks! What’s more, a lot of his weapons are equipped with the Fire Finish ability, which can Ignite enemies in addition to dealing damage.


Another fairly balanced character, Demyx’s true strength comes from his powerful magic. He also has decent attack speed and HP. On the downside, his combos are typically short-lived, both on land and in the air, typically lasting 2 to 4 hits – occasionally 5. What’s more, his individual attacks typically don’t do all that much damage, and his Limit attack is typically inaccurate, allowing enemies to easily dodge it.


Luxord is pretty useless in all honesty. His HP, Strength, and Critical % aren’t terrible, but they’re not all that impressive either. Defense, Attack Speed, and Critical Bonus are average. His only real power lies in his magic, and even that has limited strength. Land combos typically last 2 to 5 hits while air combos mostly last 2 or 3 hits. Some weapons have air combos of 5 hits, but not many.


A very good character to choose for Mission Mode. His HP, Strength, Magic, Critical %, and Critical Bonus are all exceptional, and his Defense and Attack Speed are pretty high as well. Land Combos typically last 2 to 7 hits depending on the weapon equipped, but air combos are usually lacking, landing only 1 to 4 hits. Even more impressive is the range at which Marluxia can hit nearby enemies. That scythe is a lot bigger than it looks!


As relentless as she is cold-hearted, Larxene’s attack speed is through the roof, and so is her magic. Unfortunately, that’s about it in the way of impressive stats. Larxene’s HP, Strength, Defense, Critical %, and Critical Bonus are all pretty low. Her land combos usually last about 3 to 7 hits while her air combos only last between 2 and 4. Her Limit attack can be pretty handy in a pinch though, so don’t count her out just yet.


Sora handles much like Roxas, and therefore, much like he always has in previous installments of the series. He is a very balanced character and his combos usually last from 3 to 6 hits, both on land and in the air.


Riku is a very good character to choose for Mission Mode. His HP, Strength, Defense, and Attack Speed are all relatively high, but his Critical Bonus and Critical % are even higher. His only weak point is his magic, but even that isn’t very low. Riku’s combos on land usually last for about 6 hits, while his air combos typically range from 3 to 4 hits.


Donald, believe it or not, is a playable character during Mission Mode. This is not to say that he is a good choice though. His stats are generally low, with the obvious exception of his magic, which naturally, is through the roof. Though he moves fairly fast, Donald is not all that maneuverable. Land combos typically 2 hits while air combos last about 3.


Unlike Donald, Goofy is actually not all that bad of a choice if you’re not too heavy on using magic. Goofy’s stats are fairly average, with the exception of his HP and Defense. His Magic is extremely low, but as mentioned before, if you’re not a big magic user, this isn’t really a problem. Goofy tends to move kind of awkwardly, which can sometimes make it hard to actually hit targets. Land combos are usually 3 to 4 hits long, and with one particular weapon equipped Goofy’s land combo is 10 hits long. Air combos are 2 hits across the board.


Mickey’s Magic, Attack Speed, Critical %, and Critical Bonus are all very high, but his HP, Strength, and Defense are only average. Still, the King is not a bad character to play as at all. His only downside is perhaps that his movements are a little too quick, which usually results in your attacks overshooting their targets a lot of the time and missing. His Limit attack is also pretty inaccurate. Both land combos and air combos last 3 hits across the board.