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Unlike previous installments of the series, Abilities in 358/2 Days function in a somewhat different way. Instead of acting as offensive attacks like Sonic Blade and Raganrok in previous games, these Abilities act more as enhancers, boosting Roxas’ stats and giving him certain advantages in battle. Some act as actual Abilities, such as Dodge Roll and Glide, while others merely add different effects to Roxas’ attacks. A complete list of all Abilities available in the game is provided below.

Dodge Roll LV1-3

Avoid enemy attacks by holding down a direction on the D-Pad and pressing the Y Button.

Dodge Rush

Knock enemies aside while Dodge Rolling.

Dodging Deflect

Bounce back enemy attacks when Dodge Rolling.


Automatically perform a Dodge Roll when under enemy assault. Works only some of the time.

Block LV1-4

Press the Y Button at the right time while motionless to bounce back enemy attacks.

Perfect Block

Block just as an attack hits to eliminate recoil and transition into your next move.


Respond with a powerful counterattack right after blocking.


Recoil farther after you block attacks.

Sliding Block

Quickly slide forward as you block.


Jump right after you block with no delay.

Fire Block

Ignite enemies sometimes when blocking.

Blizzard Block

Freeze enemies sometimes when blocking.

Thunder Block

Jolt enemies sometimes when blocking.

Aero Block

Air-Toss enemies sometimes when blocking.

Bonus Block

Generate HP Orbs sometimes when blocking.

Round Block

Block any attack, even if it comes from behind.


Automatically block frontal attacks.

Aerial Recovery LV1-3

Press the B Button if you are sent flying to regain your balance in midair.

Quick Recovery

Recover more quickly by pressing the B Button as soon as you are sent flying.

Aerial Payback

Respond with a powerful counterattack immediately after you perform an Aerial Recovery.

Smash Recovery

Knock back nearby enemies when you perform an Aerial Recovery.

Air Slide LV1-5

Press the B Button while in midair to perform an aerial dash.

Air Rush

Knock enemies aside when perform an Air Slide.

Sliding Dash LV1-3

Press the A Button quickly close in on a target and attack.

Glide LV1-5

Hold down the Y Button while in midair to ride the wind. You will stay airborne until you release the Y Button.

Homing Glide

Lock on to a target while gliding to automatically move toward it.

Rocket Glide

Slam past enemies by gliding right after you perform an Air Slide.

Run faster.

High Jump LV1-3

Jump higher.


Hold the B Button while in midair to slow your descent.

Treasure Magnet LV1-3

Scoop up prizes lying around you.

Auto-Life LV1-3

Recover if all your character’s HP runs out. Only works once per Mission.

Limit Boost

Use Limit Breaks sooner by increasing the upper limit of your Limit Gauge.

Final Limit

Use your Final Limit, a more powerful version of Limit Break.


View enemy HP.

Range Extender

Lock on to enemies even if they’re far away.


Automatically lock on to available targets while attacking.

Ultima Weapon

Increases weapon’s attack power 15.

Brick Wall

Continue a combo without interruption even when you take minor damage.

Offensive Block

Bounce back incoming attacks with your combos.


Jump in the middle of a combo.


Block mid-combo by releasing the D-Pad and pressing the Y Button.

Combo Air-Slide

Air Slide in the middle of an aerial combo by pressing the B Button.

Risky Play

Lose HP when your attacks miss.

Magical Strike

Gain a slight boost in Strength if your Magic is higher.

Critical Boost

Potentially deal critical hits with any kind of attack.

Combo Boost

Dish out increasingly higher damage as your combo continues.

Vitality Surge

Gain a boost in Strength when your HP is full.

Vitality Barrier

Take 1/3 the usual damage when your HP is full.

Alive ‘n’ Kicking

Attack enemies when your HP is full and they will always stagger.


Gain a boost in Strength when your HP is low.


Gain a boost in Defense when your HP is low.

Grand Slam

Deal critical hits more often when your HP is low.

Damage Control

Take half the usual damage when your HP is low.

Second Chance

Retain 1HP after being hit with an otherwise fatal attack.


Lose the ability to recover HP when it is low, and remain in constant peril.

One HP

Fight with only 1HP. You cannot recover more than this.

Fire Finish

Ignite enemies sometimes with the finishing blow of your combos.

Blizzard Finish

Freeze enemies sometimes with the finishing blow of your combos.

Thunder Finish

Jolt enemies sometimes with the finishing blow of your combos.

Aero Finish

Air-Toss enemies sometimes with the finishing blow of your combos.

Elemental Curse

Randomly incur negative status ailments independently of enemy attacks.

Magic Finale

Increase the power of the last cast you have left of any given magic.

Magic Bracer

Always finish casting magic, even if you are hit in the process.

Potion Boost LV1

Recover more HP than usual from Items.

Potion Boost LV2

Recover even more HP than usual from Items.

Ether Boost

Recover more magic casts than usual from Items.

Prize Power LV1

Recover more HP when you pick up HP Orbs.

Prize Power LV2

Recover even more HP when you pick up HP Orbs.

Lucky Strike

Force enemies to drop items more quickly.

Chain Time

Give yourself a longer time window for continuing chains.

Chain Power

Deal extra damage with attacks once you’ve maxed out a chain.

Heart Bonus

Fully recover HP every time you collect 300 Hearts.

EXP Boost LV1

Receive more EXP than usual (10% bonus).

EXP Boost LV2

Receive even more EXP than usual (20% bonus).

Hi-EXP Boost

Receive twice as much EXP as usual.


Collect more items during Missions.

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