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Sora is a cheerful boy known for his pure heart and loyalty to his friends. Since the night when Destiny Islands was overrun with Heartless, Sora has traveled far and wide, mastering the Keyblade and protecting the world from the Heartless.

In Castle Oblivion, he faces new challenges and new dangers. Fortunately, he is accompanied on this new quest by his stalwart allies Donald Duck, Goofy, and Jiminy Cricket.

Donald Duck

Donald Duck is the court wizard at Disney Castle, and good friends with King Mickey. He accompanied Sora on his previous adventure.

Donald fights by Sora’s side in Castle Oblivion, though his spirit has been sealed within the cards that govern the castle. When the going gets tough, Sora is able to call on Donald for help.


Goofy is Captain of the Royal Guard at Disney Castle, and good friends with King Mickey. He battled alongside Sora in his previous adventure.

Goofy’s spirit is sealed away in the cards that control the way of things in Castle Oblivion. Sora is able to call on Goofy in battle when things get rough.


Riku, Sora, and Kairi grew up as friends on Destiny Islands. Although separated by fate, their friendship remains true, even though Riku’s heart has been tainted by darkness.

After sealing the Door to Darkness with the King, Riku wanders to Castle Oblivion and embarks on a journey to dispel the darkness from his heart, once and for all.

King Mickey

King Mickey was with Riku inside the Realm of Darkness when the door closed. Since then, Riku and he were separated, and Mickey was able to track Riku down to Castle Oblivion.

Though far apart, King Mickey is able to send his power to aid Riku against his struggle with the darkness inside him. Eventually, King Mickey makes it to Castle Oblivion to help Riku through the final battle.


Naminé is a mysterious girl being held prisoner by the Organization. She waits on the thirteenth floor of Castle Oblivion in the hopes that Sora will soon rescue her. She apparently has some sort of power over Sora’s memories.

During his time in Castle Oblivion, Sora remembers Naminé bit by bit. As he ventures further into the castle, he remembers the promise he once made to keep her safe no matter what.

Riku Replica

A clone of Riku made from data collected by Vexen after sampling Riku’s fighting strategies and personality. The Riku Replica is nothing more than a puppet of Vexen’s schemes.

Vexen uses the Riku Replica to toy with Sora’s and Riku’s memories and further lure them into Castle Oblivion.


DiZ is a very enigmatic character who reveals himself to Riku in the form of Ansem, prompting Riku to make a choice between light and darkness. Little is known about him at this point.

DiZ instructs Riku to meet with Naminé and then choose to either continue to fight the darkness inside him or give in to it. He is surprised when Riku selects a third option of walking the path between the two – the road to the dawn.

Ansem, Seeker of Darkness

The darkness that still lurks inside Riku’s heart manifests itself in the form of Ansem, who wishes to control Riku once more. He is constantly tempting Riku with the power of the darkness during his time in Castle Oblivion.

Riku battles Ansem in an effort to rid himself of the darkness inside him. When Ansem awakens the power of the darkness inside of him, Riku uses that power to give his own heart strength, rather than let it consume him.


Axel is a rather enigmatic member of the mysterious Organization who lured Sora and his friends to Castle Oblivion. His motives are very questionable an nobody really knows what he’s up to.

It is later revealed that Axel is a spy, sent by the leader of the Organization to eliminate the rogue element that plans to take over. He deceives Larxene and Marluxia and tricks them into revealing their plan so that he may thwart it.


Larxene is another member of the Organization, and plans to use Sora to overthrow its leader with the help of Marluxia.

She commands the power of lightning, and her agility is deadly. Larxene is short-fused, and easily aggravated. Larxene enrages Sora on numerous occasions by playing with his feelings for Naminé, and it eventually leads to her demise.


Marluxia has been assigned command over Castle Oblivion, but plans to use its power to control Sora and use him to overthrow the leader of the Organization.

He lured Sora into Castle Oblivion so that he could lure him into his trap. Marluxia uses Naminé’s power to slowly bend Sora to his whim, but in the end, his plan backfires and Sora eliminates him.


Vexen is a brooding academic and another member of the Organization. He resides in the basement floors, but when word of Sora’s arrival to Castle Oblivion reaches him, Vexen goes topside to lend a hand to Marluxia.

He creates a replica of Riku to test Sora and coax him deeper into the castle. When Vexen begins to reveal too much of Marluxia’s plan to Sora, Marluxia gives Axel the order to eliminate him.


Lexaeus is definitely the strong, but silent type. He rarely has something to say, and when he does, it’s very brief. As a largest member of the Organization, he relies on his brute strength to overcome his enemies.

Unfortunately, his brute strength is not enough. After Vexen’s demise, Lexaeus challenges Riku and loses to the power of the darkness that Riku commands.


Zexion is a rather quiet member of the Organization and prefers to avoid physical conflict if possible. He is capable of picking up the scents of people in the castle.

When he is the only member remaining, he confronts Riku and uses his power over illusions to deceive him. Riku unfortunately sees through his facade and deals with him. When Zexion barely escapes back to the basement floors, Vexen’s Riku Replica is waiting to finish him off.