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There is only one Special Card in the entire game: The Gimmick Card. It is available during both Sora’s and Riku’s stories, and only appears in specific boss battles.

The Gimmick Card
Gimmick Card


Can break any card in play and cannot be broken by any card. Generates special effects based on each battle (see below).



Guard Armor Guard Armor collapses and cannot attack
Jafar All floor panels rise to the highest level, allowing Iago to be more easily reached
Trickmaster Raises a table and chair in the center of the arena, allowing easier access to the Trickmaster’s head
Parasite Cage The four rotating platforms are replaced with a single platform that stays beneath Sora until the effect wears off
Oogie Boogie All metal gates drop instantly, allowing access to the higher level to attack Oogie Boogie
Ursula Stuns Ursula for a short period of time, allowing for easier attacking
Dragon Maleficent Raises a small platform, allowing easier access to Dragon Maleficent’s head
Darkside A platform appears, allowing easier access to Darkside’s head

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