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In Sora’s Story, each of the worlds has special rewards that provide Sora with an edge over his opponents. Opening a Calm Bounty, False Bounty, or Guarded Trove room will often award Sora with a unique prize, such as a new cards and Sleights. Furthermore, each world contains a hidden Key to Rewards room that contains rare and powerful prizes inside.

Bounty Room Prizes

The following is a list of rewards Sora can acquire by opening bounty rooms (Calm Bounty, False Bounty, or Guarded Trove) in each world. Some worlds have more than one reward, and may require additional bounty rooms to be opened.

Bounty Room Prizes


Prize 1

Prize 2

Traverse Town
Agrabah Gravity
Olympus Coliseum Blizzard Raid
Wonderland Stop
Monstro Fire Raid
Halloween Town Gifted Miracle
Atlantica Shock Impact Homing Blizzara
Neverland Teleport Homing Fira
Hollow Bastion Omnislash Reflect Raid
100 Acre Wood
Twilight Town Firaga Break One-Winged Angel (after defeating Marluxia)
Destiny Islands Judgement
Castle Oblivion Diamond Dust (after defeating Marluxia) Ultima Weapon (after completing both stories)
Ansem (after completing Riku’s Story) Lexaeus (after completing Riku’s Story)

Key to Rewards Prizes

Each world (with the exception of the 100 Acre Wood and Castle Oblivion) has a Key to Rewards room that contains special treasures that you can’t get anywhere else.

Key to Rewards Prizes



Traverse Town Lionheart
Agrabah Blazing Donald
Olympus Coliseum Metal Chocobo
Wonderland Stop Raid
Monstro Aqua Splash
Halloween Town Gravity Raid
Atlantica Quake
Neverland Thunder Raid
Hollow Bastion Mushu
100 Acre Wood
Twilight Town Warp
Destiny Islands Megalixir
Castle Oblivion

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