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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories picks up exactly where the first game left off. Sora and his friends are traveling along a long and winding road in search of their missing friends, Riku and the King. Their search takes them to the mysterious Castle Oblivion, where finding is losing and losing is finding. What starts as a simple journey looking for friends quickly turns into something much deeper.

After the overwhelming success of Kingdom Hearts, a sequel was definitely a no-brainer. Square-Enix chose to move the series to the Gameboy Advance for this installment, making the game more portable, and therefore, more accessible to gamers. The game features a whole new line of characters and a brand new story that once again pits Sora, Donald, and Goofy against the Heartless and the forces of darkness.

Being available for an entirely new system also means a completely revamped control system. Unlike the action-based commands used in the first game, Chain of Memories uses a card-based strategy system during the battles in the game. Both Sora and his enemies have a deck of numbered cards that range 0 to 9. The player and computer play cards with each attack, and that attack can be broken if the opposing card is of a higher value, much like the card game of War. Cards can also be pooled together to perform special attacks called Sleights, which function much like Abilities did in the previous installment of the series.

The game also featured very few high-quality cinematics, given the Gameboy Advance’s low graphics capabilities, however, the game is still very amazing graphically, even with the system’s limitations. The game’s scenes were delivered in the form of visuals with text bubbles to relay the story. The title even boasts multiplayer capabilities, in which players can hook up using the Link Cable to pit their decks against each other. In addition to Sora’s story, players get to control Riku for his own story, allowing the series to branch out beyond the story of the Keyblade’s chosen one.

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