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Birth by Sleep > Walkthroughs (Aqua): Land of Departure

The Mark of Mastery

After the rather lengthy introductory scenes, it’s time for Terra and Aqua’s Mark of Mastery Exam. The test takes a turn for the worse when Master Xehanort corrupts the Orbs of Light that Master Eraqus summons, so you’ll now have to fight them off.

Event: Destroy the Orbs of Light

Aqua’s physical attacks are not very powerful, but she does have some rather helpful Magic Commands in her Command Deck. You can use the Blizzard or Thunder Commands to damage the Orbs of Light from a distance. You can also use your Shotlock to damage multiple Orbs of Light at the same time

Defeating the Orbs of Light earns you the Spellweaver Command Style and an HP +5 Get Bonus.

Another lengthy cutscene takes place following your battle against the Orbs of Light. At the end of it, Aqua sets out for new worlds. You’ll receive the Terra and Ventus Dimension Links before leaving.

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