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Birth by Sleep

KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep, released in 2010, took place 10 years before the events of the original KINGDOM HEARTS, and sets up many major plot points that remain prominent in the series’s overall story to this day.

Gameplay and battle mechanics differ greatly from past installments in the series, placing heavy emphasis on experimentation with different commands, abilities, styles, and more.

Also new to the series was the concept of players being able to play through three separate, yet interconnected stories, each following a different character’s journey through the events that unfold throughout the game.


Birth by Sleep Final Mix saw its first international release as part of the KINGDOM HEARTS HD I.5 ReMIX collection for PlayStation 3 in 2013.  This version of the game had only previously been available in Japan, and so this was the first time many fans were able to experience this version.

Like other Final Mix titles, the game features many changes from its original release, like palette-swapped enemies, new Mini Games and Side Quests, extra items, and more.  Being part of the PlayStation 3 collection also meant an update in graphics from the PlayStation portable, as well as PSN Trophy support.


Birth by Sleep Final Mix was also included in the KINGDOM HEARTS HD I.5 + II.5 ReMIX collection for PlayStation 4 in 2017.  The game’s graphics had been upscaled even more from its PlayStation 3 counterpart, and the game was also now running at 60 frames per second instead of the usual 30.

Many of the game’s PSN Trophies had also been streamlined for this release, making them easier and less tedious to unlock.