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Birth by Sleep: Final Mix > New Unversed

Several new Unversed were added to Birth by Sleep: Final Mix. In addition, several existing Unversed received color changes. They are detailed below.

New Unversed

Diet Tank

The Diet Tank is a variation of the Tank Toppler Unversed, and the methods for taking it out are pretty much the same. You can only hit it from behind, or you’re in for quite an unpleasant surprise!

Flame Box

Flame Boxes disguise themselves as Treasure Chests, much like the Spiderchest Unversed. The big difference: the Flame Box shoots powerful meteors at its enemies from within its body!

Lost Runner

The Lost Runner is similar to the Shoegazer Unversed. It is capable of completely shielding itself from harm by transforming into a shield to block any damage from all directions!

Launching Plant

Much like the Mandrake Unversed, the Launching Plant fires its leafy heads at enemies from a distance, rendering them confused if they make contact. They lay low in the ground until their enemies come too close, then they spring up and expel toxic mist from their bodies.

Survival Bottle

The Survival Bottle is just like the Vile Phial. It is capable of healing other Unversed by sapping life from its enemies!

Shade Jelly

Much like the Jellyshade Unversed, the Shade Jelly likes to travel in enormous groups, though individually, they’re are not much of a problem. In massive swarms though, they can be a very overwhelming force to be reckoned with!

Jelly Glee Tea

The Jelly Glee Tea is a similar Unversed to the Blobmob. It splits into smaller versions of itself when attacked and then swarms its enemies!

Element Cluster

The Element Cluster is made up of three individual body pieces that cycle through the order to change their element, much like the Triple Wrecker Unversed. The middle body piece indicates which element the Element Cluster is currently weak against (Fire, Blizzard, or Thunder), while the top body piece indicates which element it is currently using for offensive attacks!

Ringer Pot

The Ringer Pot is much like the Prize Pod Unversed. It is very docile and will not attack. However, it only appears for a short period of time, so be sure to defeat it quickly!

Recolored Unversed




Red Hot Chili

Blue Sea Salt

Yellow Mustard







Chrono Twister

Tank Toppler

Vile Phial

Axe Flapper

Buckle Bruiser

Sonic Blaster

Triple Wrecker

Wild Bruiser


Prize Pod

Wheel Master

Mad Treant

Cursed Coach

Symphony Master

Trinity Armor


Mimic Master

Iron Imprisoner I

Iron Imprisoner II

Iron Imprisoner III

Iron Imprisoner IV