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The three new Bosses in Birth by Sleep: Final Mix are actually only available in the Mirage Arena under the three new events: Monster of the Deep, Mentor of Light, and Foresight Unto Darkness. Each new Boss fight is detailed below.

Monster of the Deep

The Monster of the Deep event at the Mirage Arena is part Boss battle, part Arena Challenge. The battle will alternate between arena-style combat with multiple Unversed and a 3-minute timed segment in which you get to battle the real contender, Monstro!


The battle against Monstro begins inside his belly, in which you must take out all of the Unversed present. Once you’ve cleared the area, Monstro will spit you out, bringing you outside for the real fight against Monstro himself! Monstro is a relatively easy fight, though very time-consuming. You’ll have 3 minutes to deal as much damage as you can before he sucks you back in for more arena-combat.

The strategy to take Monstro down is relatively simple in theory, but can be difficult to execute. There are several islands scattered across the arena, each with their own explosive barrel on them. To damage Monstro, you have to knock the barrels into him, causing them to explode. The problem is that Monstro doesn’t like to sit still. He’ll be constantly rising and sinking into the water, making him difficult to land a hit on. But Monstro will also be on the offensive!

Monstro will occasionally launch himself out of the water for a charging attack. This is a good time to hit him with an attack or two to deal some damage. Also, be on the lookout for massive waves that Monstro sends your way, as these will deal damage to you as well. Monstro’s final attack is a vacuum-like sucking attack that attempts to draw you in so he can bite you. Simply Air Slide in the opposite direction to avoid being sucked in.

At the end of the 3 minutes, Monstro swallows you again and you’ll have to fight more Unversed inside his belly. Defeat them all to get back outside and keep hammering Monstro with this pattern until he falls.

Mentor of Light

The Mentor of Light event is a single-round event against a very tricky opponent. If you choose to take this event on in Multiplayer Mode, you’ll probably have an easier time taking him down. The Armor of the Master is no pushover!

Armor of the Master

The Armor of the Master will, for the most part, recycle the moves used by Master Eraqus from the fight in Terra’s Story during the second visit to Land of Departure. He does have a few tricks of his own, though, so it’s not just the same fight all over again. When battling him as Terra, Armor of the Master can use shockwave attacks. If you’re using Ventus, he can use a series of aerial assaults. Controlling Aqua, he can perform a variation of Barrier Surge.

Some of Armor of the Master’s unique attacks can be rather obnoxious at times. He can stun you as part of his counterattack, bind characters in chains leaving them wide open for attack, or knock them up in the air and hammer them with a series of aerial blows. In one of his more devastating attacks, Armor of the Master will knock players up into the air and slam them back down into the ground with a series of downward slash attacks. Use you evasion maneuver to avoid these attacks as much as possible.

For the most part, the strategy is similar to that of the Master Eraqus battle in Terra’s Story, but when his HP starts to dwindle, Armor of the Master will use one of three desperate attacks to stay in the fight. He will use one of the three starting Command Styles based on which character you are playing as (Critical Impact for Terra, Fever Pitch for Ventus, and Spellweaver for Aqua). Dodge when you can and keep pounding him and he will eventually fall.

Foresight Unto Darkness

Foresight Unto Darkness is the final event available at the Mirage Arena, and its lone contender is a true force to be reckoned with. Enter alone or with other players through multiplayer – either way, you’re in for quite the fight!

No Heart

The battle against No Heart is a two-stage fight. The first round is against the wall of darkness that No Heart summons to shield him. Your target is the floating totem, which will continually move around and attempt to pelt you with dark energy bullets. A quick Shotlock or two will easily dispatch the totem so you can move on to the real fight.

In stage two, No Heart gets up out of his chair to take the fight to you. For the most part, all of his attacks can be avoided by using your evasion maneuver. No Heart’s attacks aren’t overly powerful, but his movements are quick and his advances are relentless. The damage he deals can add up quick, but his attacks can be avoided easily and his HP can be dropped quickly by unloading a Shotlock here and there. Rack up Finish Commands quick to let out strings of high damage without taking any yourself.

No Heart attacks mainly with charging rush attacks or by unloading a quick salvo of dark energy bolts. Dodge often and attack during the small openings, but watch out for No Heart’s kicking attacks, as these can be the most devastating. Watch out for an occasional move in which No Heart grabs your character by the throat and hoists them up in the air. Rapidly press the Button when prompted to avoid be choked to death and fight back with a retaliation attack of your own. Also, be on the lookout for another attack in which No Heart knocks you up into the air and rains dark Keyblade silhouettes down on you.

When his HP gets to about half, No Heart will surround himself with a dark cylinder and bombard you with dark Keyblade silhouettes. This attack is easily avoided by relentlessly repeating your evasion maneuver until his advance ends. The last attack to watch out for is a Strike Raid-style attack. Again, this is an easily-avoidable if you use your evasion maneuver. Keep dodging when necessary and hit him when he’s open and he’ll eventually fall. Victory against this foe awards you the Crown Unlimit Keyblade.

Hunter of the Dark

There is one more new boss to battle in Birth by Sleep: Final Mix that lurks outside the Mirage Arena. However, this boss is part of the story available in the new Secret Episode, and therefore the strategy for defeating it is available on our Birth by Sleep: Final Mix Secret Episode page.