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Our list of affiliate partner websites has become a cherished treasure. We feature well over 100k pageviews every month and the recognition is much appreciated. Because of this, we like to partner with other fan sites which have real value to offer the Internet. We are constantly pushing to get out new game artwork, galleries, videos, and articles(among other things). So if you are just as passionate about Kingdom Hearts or any similar JPRG series, we want to partner with you!

As an affiliate we can support and promote your website as one of our closest mutural partnerships. You get a premium spot in our sidebar Affiliates area to house your own button. This graphic should be sized appropriately at 88×31 pixels exactly. But if you don’t have anything we are willing to make somethin’ up real quick in Photoshop. Similarly we have a small handful of buttons to choose from.

official DI affiliates badge island Sora on Destiny Islands Destiny Islands 2012 affiliate badge

note we do not require that you reciprocate by adding our button onto your site. But it would be a nice gesture and we really appreciate it!