Destiny Islands 2017 Announcement!

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Hello everybody. OtherPromise13 here with a couple of major updates regarding the future of the site. There’s gonna be a couple changes on the site, so we wanted to make a quick little announcement addressing those changes.

Before we get to the changes, I just wanted to say that 2017 is actually our 10th anniversary of being a website, and we can’t even begin to thank our visitors enough for all the support we’ve gotten over the years! We might not be as big as our friends over at KH Insider or KH13, but we never imagined getting to be even as big as we are today, so we just wanted to say how much we appreciate the support! It really means a lot to us!

That said, let’s get into the changes you’ll be seeing on the site in 2017. The first major change is that from here on out, we will only be covering game content for the international games. Our content will be entirely focusing on U.S. releases only from now on. In the past we had covered the Japanese Final Mix releases of the games, as well as their original U.S. releases, but with the release of the 1.5 and 2.5 HD collections, there is no need to continue to support these original Japanese releases. Since we are a U.S.-based website, we’d simply like to focus on the U.S.-based content that the Kingdom Hearts franchise has to offer. You may have already noticed that the old Final Mix content for several of the games has been removed from the Games Navigation. We will be working in the near future on re-formatting it as 1.5 and 2.5 content. We are also planning on continuing our coverage of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, as well as introducing new content regarding Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue as soon as possible, so please look forward to that! Thank you for your patience while we undergo this transition.

The second major change — though this really isn’t too much of a change because we’ve never been super proactive about this anyway — is that we will no longer be posting regular news on our site. Destiny Islands has always been a passion project of ours, but it is by no means our entire lives. We simply don’t have the time or resources necessary to be posting articles concerning Kingdom Hearts news and updates every time something new comes along. We might still post a Tweet or make a Facebook post regarding big news as it happens, but as far as in-depth news coverage, we just don’t have the bandwidth to drop everything and make an article about things as they happen. Because of this, we’ll instead be posting a monthly recap of sorts, covering all the important Kingdom Hearts news for that month in one article, which we like to call our “Kingdom Keynote”. We’ll be uploading these articles on the last day of every month, starting this month, so please look forward to the first of those on January 31st! presents Kingdom Keynote

Finally, our last announcement is that our Summer YouTube Series, Destiny Islands Top Ten, will be taking a break until further notice. We love making the series, but at this point in time, we’d really like to focus on getting out as much site content as we can, and we’d rather be spending the time it takes to make each of the Top Ten videos on new content instead. Our goal is to have every current game completely covered, including the HD collections, before the release of Kingdom Hearts III, so we’re going to be doing our best to crank out as much new content as possible, as quickly as we can.

We hope these new changes will ultimately make the site a better source for Kingdom Hearts game coverage than it already is. We thank you so much for your patience and support over the years, and we hope that you will continue to support the site for years to come! Here’s a great and productive 2017!