Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X North American version released!

As most fans of the Kingdom Hearts series may know, Kingdom Hearts is always full of surprises. And recently this was proven. On April 4th 2016, Tetsuya Nomura confirmed through the official Square Enix Blog, that the North American release date for Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X (KH UX) would be April 7th 2016 during an interview; and would be arriving on both Android and iOS.

Although this is only the North American release, it is a prosperous sign for Kingdom Hearts that more news will be arriving soon, including that of the elusive Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) release date. And as a bonus, Tetsuya Nomura also publicised this artwork by himself as an added gift with the release news, giving fans butterflies.

Tetsuya Nomura Sketch - Ephemer, Skuld, & Chirithy from Kingdom Hearts Unchained X