358/2 Days Deal with Illustrated Xion and Key Art #1!

A new Shop Deal has been added to the North American version of KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ, featuring two new amazing Medals! The deal will be running from December 16, 2016 until January 7, 2017, and costs the typical 3000 Jewels per pull.

Like several of the previous Shop Deals in December 2016, this deal guarantees 10 Epic Medals (8 5★ or higher Medals and 2 6★ Medals). The two 6★ Medals will also have half their Special Attack Bonus already filled in!

But the big draw here is the Illustrated Xion Medal, which players have a small chance to draw with Boosted Strength! If you’re having a hard time pulling Illustrated Xion, you’re guaranteed to pull it within 5 pulls, instead of the usual 10! Also, setting Illustrated Xion as your Shared Medal changes the background music on the home screen to Xion’s Theme.

But that’s not all! If players manage to unlock the Special Attack Bonus on Illustrated Xion before January 10, 2017, they’ll be treated to the ultra-rare Key Art #1 Medal with 2 dots filled in on its Special Attack Bonus! Key Art #1 is a very powerful and useful Medal to have in your arsenal, as it has 0 cost and refills 7 Gauges! Players will only receive one Key Art #1 Medal, no matter how many Illustrated Xion Medals they unlock the Special Attack Bonus for, but players will get a chance to acquire more in subsequent 358/2 Days Deals, coming next week and the following week as well!

Full details for Illustrated Xion and Key Art #1 will be added to our Medals Archive as soon as they are made available! Will you be trying to add these Medals to your collection!? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned to Destiny Islands for more KINGDOM HEARTS news!