Kingdom Hearts Gummi Garage Page Launched!

Hello everybody!

We’ve recently been putting our heads together about ways to make Destiny Islands THE absolute BEST place to go for everything Kingdom Hearts. As a result, we spent a lot of time working behind the scenes and not a whole lot of time working on any measurable progress that could actually be seen on the site. Thus, we decided to regroup our efforts and focus once again on getting as much information to people as possible!

So without further ado, we present the first of many (we’re talking over 300) new pages that we’ll be creating and posting here at Destiny Islands: the Kingdom Hearts Gummi Garage page! This new page features everything you need to know about piloting and building your very own Gummi Ship through the vast reaches of space between the worlds, from basic flying controls, to completely detailed lists of every Gummi Block and Blueprint the game has to offer, to upgrades and customizations that can take your Gummi Ship building from novice to master in no time!

As we said before, we’ve got lots more content coming your way soon! We’re going to try to post at least one new page every week (though we’ll try to do more than that). Our goal is to have all of this new content up and viewable by the end of 2014, so stay tuned for all kinds of good stuff!

Thanks for all your patience and support!