Kingdom Hearts Yen Press 358/2 Days Mangas Vol 1+2 Released

Just recently we announced the latest KH II manga translations which were published in 2013. The folks over at Yen Press have been working hard to finish up new manga translations for us fans over in the west. Just this week(precisely January 21, 2014) the 2nd installment of the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days manga was published.

The first volume was released back in November 2013 – so there’s been a slight gap between release dates. Take a look over the Yen Press website to see their full collection. Each book is fairly cheap and you might be surprised to hear the 3rd volume will be published sometime in March 2014. Here are the two manga covers along with external links where you can purchase a copy:

kingdom hearts 358 days manga volume 1 cover kingdom hearts 358 days manga volume 2 cover

From Amazon: 358/2 Days Vol 1358/2 Days Vol 2