Yen Press Kingdom Hearts II Mangas Vol 1+2 Released

That’s right fans – the newest installments of the Kingdom Hearts manga series has been re-released by Yen Press! First we saw both volumes of the Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix mangas, along with the recent Chain of Memories release in June. Well on July 31st the first couple volumes of the Kingdom Hearts II mangas have been released and ready to purchase.

Now these re-translated versions are different from the TokyoPop releases put out a few years back. The illustrations are mostly the same, but the storyline has been consolidated into thicker books for easier consumption. You can buy these from any number of online retailers.

Kingdom Hearts II volume 1 manga book Kingdom Hearts II volume 2 manga book

If you are a big fan of the series then I would recommend getting into the manga books. It provides some cute alternative canons from the game storyline which features all of the same characters.

From Amazon: KHII Vol 1 MangaKHII Vol 2 Manga