Release Ideas for Kingdom Hearts 3

There are many rumors about KH3, but it seems like they could be true because there are signs in most games, fan sites & more that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released. In Kingdom Hearts 2, there is a sign at the end when they find a message in a bottle and find out there is another journey to be completed.

WARNING SPOILER: In Kingdom Hearts 3D, the secret message says, in a roundabout way, that there is a new game coming to the series. Also in Kingdom Hearts 3D, the secret video talks about an upcoming Keyblade War, which sounds like it could be Kingdom Hearts 3.)

The biggest question is why wouldn’t Tetsuya Nomura make a new game for the series? When nearly all the fans have been expecting it for many years, KH3 would be a hit for Square-Enix and earn easy money for the company.