New KH Project Confirmed as a Fake!

So we all heard the story about the new Kingdom Hearts project Square-Enix was supposedly working on, right? Well, we’ve officially confirmed that this so-called reboot of the Kingdom Hearts 3 project turned out to be nothing more than an April Fool’s joke played by practically every single Kingdom Hearts fan site out there (I promise, we weren’t in on it).

KH Insider has the scoop on what really happened:

“Hope you guys have enjoyed the prank! After 364 days of nonstop work reporting news, writing content, making graphics and managing events, we hope you don’t mind us taking this one day off for a little fun.

What went down was that the lovely folks over at EyesonFF kindly invited us to partake in a friendly April Fool’s day prank! As the topic of KH3 reers its head every year on this day, it seemed natural to continue the tradition. We all got together several days ago and met with staff from EyesonFF, KH-Vids, KH Ultimania, The Final Fantasy, KH World, and Nova Crystallis to work things out, and let me tell you, it was a blast working with all of these wonderful people.”

While we can’t say we’re overly thrilled with these sites playing such a cruel prank on the fans, we’re good sports, and we have to admit, these guys got us GOOD!